4 ways new CEO Marissa Mayer could save Yahoo from self-destruction

The following is a guest post.

There’s been plenty of buzz around Yahoo’s decision to appoint Google luminary Marissa Mayer as their new CEO. Even though Mayer’s appointment marks the umpteenth time that Yahoo has appointed a new CEO over the past decade, industry analysts and the media have been treating her appointment as a godsend for the beleaguered tech company.
And they have good reason to cheer on the new CEO. Marissa Mayer spent over a decade with Google since the company’s inception, and she oversaw production and design on some of the most visible and influential features of the company. Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, Gmail all have Mayer to thank in part for their success. Yahoo should be so lucky to win over such talent.
There’s no question that Yahoo is in the midst of an identity crisis. The question of whether or not Mayer has the vision to turn the company around is the one thing on everyone’s mind. Here are four ways that I think the new CEO could make a real difference with the company. Continue reading

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