The Drill Down 185 – And we would have gotten away with it too…

This week Tom, Devindra and Andy discuss the return of the Playstation Network, a revolutionary (and incendiary) digital currency, iPhone 5 predictions, and Apple’s stores get a facelift.

Later, they discuss a smear campaign against Google secretly instigated by…Facebook, and Netflix’s emergence as a major content provider.

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The Drill Down 162 – We Can Work It Out

This week we welcome web entrepreneur (and world record kitesurfer!) Tammy Camp as we discuss Facebook Messages, how to export your email contacts from Facebook, TSA rage, The Beatles on iTunes, 4Chan vs. Tumblr, Jason Calacanis on why he’s suing Michael Arrington, XBox 360 owners hack the Kinect, Reddit’s astonishing altruism, Google Voice for the iPhone, Twitter sells their raw data, and sex stats on Facebook users.

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The Drill Down 160 – No Love Lost

This week The Drill Down crew discuss Facebook Deals, Facebook buys and gains a CEO, FARK’s Drew Curtis defends Reddit from Stewart/Colbert, the dawn of promoted tweets, a very public (and seemingly personal) feud between Michael Arrington and Jason Calacanis, Reddit Chief Chris Slowe leaves for Hipmunk, the real reason the white iPhone 4 is delayed, iPhone 5 rumored to have an e-wallet chip, and Digg unburies the Bury Button.

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