The Drill Down 182 – Hacked and Tracked

This week, we discuss Facebook’s new Send button and Social Deals, YouTube’s founders rescue Delicious, Yahoo launches Video on Demand, HBO launches Go for mobile, Marvel announces a free-to-play MMO, Apple’s white iPhone is thicker, and Apple buys

Later we drill down into the breach of Sony’s Playstation Network and its 77 million victims. And the details of Apple’s iOS location tracking controversy, from Apple’s press room itself.

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The Drill Down 180 – Dilligaf at 48 fps

This week we welcome Social Blend, TARDISBlend and The Round Up co-host Greg Davies as we discuss new evidence that suggests that Facebook owes half its ownership to a convicted felon, Cisco Systems kills the Flip camera, Apple announces Final Cut Pro X, Nintendo may have an HD console in the works, Encyclopedia Dramatica sells out, and Asia’s out of IPv4 addresses.

Later we discuss the advent of 48 fps digital acquisition for theatrical exhibition, beginning with Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Then we discuss the prospect that geolocation check-in services will be obsolete in the near future, and how they could survive.

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The Drill Down 149 – Is The Web Dead?

Is the web dead?

This week, the crew tackles Chris Anderson & Michael Wolff’s incendiary piece in Wired, “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet“. We also discuss Facebook’s new Places geolocation feature, AT&T’s take on Google/Verizon’s Net Neutrality proposal, a recent poll that shows a third of AT&T’s users would switch to Verizon if the iPhone were available there, Hulu’s potential IPO listing, Sony Ericsson’s upcoming new PSP-like Android phone, Twitter’s new “followed by” lists, advertisers’ frustration with Apple’s tight control of iAds, and…do iPhone users have more sex?

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