The Drill Down 236: E3 2012 & All Things D (preview)

This week, we break down this year’s latest videogame announcements from the 2012 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Later, we discuss last week’s All Things D conference, which was “haunted by the man who isn’t here”.

But first, LinkedIn suffers a massive security breach as 6.4 million passwords get leaked, Google sneaks the first video from Project Glass, Facebook Camera launches, Facebook plans to allow under 13-year olds into their service, Apple to bring Siri to the  iPad, and Airtime launches.

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Hosts are Geeks of Doom contributor Andrew Sorcini (Mr. BabyMan), VentureBeat editor Devindra Hardawar, marketing research analyst Dwayne De Freitas, and Startup Digest CTO Christopher Burnor. Occasionally joining them is Techmeme editor Lidija Davis.

The Drill Down 188 – WWDC / E3 2011

This week we cover: Facebook’s claim that Paul Ceglia’s ownership contract is a fraud, Groupon files for $750 million IPO, Sony is hacked (again again) & so is Nintendo, UN declares Internet access a human right, McDonald’s clever interactive billboard, and Twitter incorporates auto-URL shortnening.

Later we discuss Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, including updates to OS X, iOS, and the introduction of iCloud and iTunes Match, and we finish with a roundup of E3 2011, including new Kinect integration, Playstation’s  Vita and Nintendo’s Wii U.

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A Digger crashes a Reddit meetup

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite as incendiary as the title suggests. After all, I have officially been a Redditor for almost a year now (and over two years if you count my first real Reddit account).

In any case, I happened to be in the Downtown Los Angeles area for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), so I decided to accept the open invitation to join my fellow LA Redditors at the Veranda Bar at the Figueroa Hotel for drinks. Having been to plenty of Digg meetups, and never to a Reddit meetup, I didn’t know what to expect.

What I discovered was an intimate gathering of warm, genuine, fascinating people whose passion for scintillating conversation extended way beyond the keyboard. We laughed, we drank (lots), we trolled.

I had the pleasure to (finally) meet Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (aka kn0thing, who unfortunately did NOT bring the awesomesauce, as far as I saw), a person whose accomplishments I’ve admired for some time now. Once we were both sufficiently loosened up with margaritas and beer, I asked him the question that has plagued feuding nations since time immemorial, from the Israelis vs. Palestinians  to the Irish Protestants vs. Catholics to the French soccer team vs. everyone else… Why can’t Diggers and Redditors get along? He offered a unique solution, plus his thoughts on a recent Ohanian-bashing post on TechCrunch.

I’d like to thank my gracious fellow Redditors for a terrific time at the meetup. Here’s to future meetups!

E3 2010: Day Three: Show Wrapup

Here’s my coverage of day three of the Electronic Entertainment Expo:

E3 2010: Day One: Kinect, Move, 3DS

Here’s my video report on Day One of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3– the videogame industry’s premier preview event.

Take a look at some of the other sights of the convention in this slideshow.

E3 2009: “If anybody wants to see, there’s a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up.”*

Steve Wiebe playing Donkey Kong

Steve Wiebe attempting a Donkey Kong world record at E3 2009.

Nothing stirs my geeky heart more than drama involving an underdog who refuses to quit, and good old fashioned retro nostalgia. Those elements combined Tuesday at E3 2009 when Steve Wiebe,  championship Donkey Kong player, and subject of the 2007 documentary, “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” attempted to break the world record of 1,050,200, currently held by “Kong” co-star and alleged douchebag extraordinaire Billy Mitchell.

Here are the last few moments of his final attempt that day, where his game is ended by the infamous 22nd level “kill screen“, which stops the player dead in his tracks, regardless of score or lives remaining. This was his fourth attempt that day, with the third attempt being cut short due to a FREAKING POWER FAILURE. His final score before kill screen was 989,400. Keep in mind, this is a higher score than champion Billy Mitchell has ever had before live witnesses. You are watching the very definition of championship, irregardless of title.

After the event, I briefly spoke with Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies, the worldwide videogame score adjudicating organization, about exactly what types of videogames they rule over and what his favorite games are.