The Drill Down 151 – Surfing With The Aliens

The Drill Down crew is proud to welcome to the show Reddit admins Chris “KeyserSosa” Slowe and Mike “Raldi” Schiraldi. Chris and Mike discuss Reddit Gold, Reddit’s stance on ads for CA Prop 19, and Ben Huh’s public offer to buy Reddit. Later we discuss Digg’s Version 4, their revolting users, and their exodus from Digg to Reddit, Digg’s ‘broken covenant’, Kevin Rose addresses users’ concerns, and Digg gets a new CEO.

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Did Digg’s Kevin Rose Sell Out Too Late?

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek, circa 2006

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek, circa 2006

This Guest Post is written by Asif Youssuff, a founder of quippd, a new social news network that enables more community involvement. Follow @quippd on twitter, or check out their site.

By this time, all of you have read about the new Digg, Digg 4. Some of you may have even tried it. Reactions to the new site seem to be mixed, with a vocal number of people saying that they dislike the changes. Those changes have been covered extensively elsewhere, so I won’t get into that here.

While much of the backlash has been focused on the technical changes, like the revised UI, following features, and changes to how “digging” works, the change that really annoys users and small publishers alike is the “selling out” of Digg. Continue reading

An Open invitation to Kevin Rose, former CEO,

Crossposted from Social Blade

We have never begged a guest to be on our show before. There are so many interesting social media people out there that finding guests is possibly the easiest aspect of doing the show.

Kevin Rose, CEO,

Kevin Rose, CEO

This week, we’re changing things. I, JD Rucker, am BEGGING Kevin Rose to be our guest on either The Drill Down Wednesday night at 6:30pm Pacific or the Social Blade Show Thursday at 7:00pm Pacific.

So that it’s easier to fit into your (obviously) busy schedule, we are opening it up to either show… or BOTH! Your appearance on TWiT was nice, but we would like to ask some more challenging and perhaps better-informed questions than what Mr. Laporte was able to pose.

Simply Tweet to @MrBabyMan or @0boy and let us know which you can make.

The Drill Down 138 – New Day, New Time

The Drill Down team (including new permanent co-host Tom Cheredar) debut on their new day and time (Wednesdays, 6:30 pm Pacific), with a slew of stories covering Facebook’s official response to privacy criticisms, the first human infected with a computer virus, a new Apple TV, Tim & NBC/Universal refuse the move to HTML5, the tragic cost of Pac-Man, Half-Life 2 for the Mac, Steve Jobs speaks out, and Digg’s upcoming new version 4.

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The Drill Down 025B – RevoltNation, Part 2: Jay and Kevin Respond

On Wednesday January 23rd, a core group of submitters to social bookmarking site, represented here by Digg users Andy, Mu, Reg, and David Cohn, collected all their major grievances against Digg and issued them in a statement. We discussed these issues in a live forum, with over 150 Digg users in attendance. In this segment,Jay Adelson & Kevin Rose, founders & operators of Digg, address those concerns.
(Apologies for the poor audio quality of this weeks’ episode. Major technical issues!)

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