Search Terms Google Instant doesn’t want you to see

Google Instant is Google’s search enhancement that shows results as you type. Before Instant, when you’d type a prurient term such as ‘nipples’, you’d be shielded by the final ‘Press Enter to search’ before Google would give up its nipply bounty of links and images.  But with Instant, those results show up right away.  So Google in all their wisdom, has seen fit just to blacklist that word, along with terms you’d expect, such as ‘penis’, ‘vagina’, and ‘smut’.  But what’s unexpected is some of the other terms Google has decided to blacklist in its diligent struggle to shield the public from naughtyness. Hacker magazine 2600 has been tracking these blacklisted words. Continue reading

The Drill Down 152 – Hail to the King, Baby!

This week The Drill Down team explore Google Instant, craigslist’s censorship of their adult services listings; a slew of new Apple releases, including Ping, a music discovery service for iTunes, and AppleTV; Paul Allen unleashes patent troll hell upon Silicon Valley; Netflix for the iTunes; Google’s Gmail linked phone service and Priority Inbox; China’s “character amnesia”; and the Duke is back from the dead!

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The Drill Down 148 – Investigating the Digg Patriots

This week the Drill Down team welcome Ole Ole Olson, aka Digg user Novenator, lead investigator of the Digg Patriots conspiracy scandal. He breaks down his investigation and fields questions from the TDD audience. Later we discuss Skype’s IPO offering, Google and Verizon’s proposal for Net Neutrality, HP’s CEO Mark Hurd leaves amidst alleged sexual harassment claims, Twitter launches tweet buttons, and 4Chan’s founder explains the finer points of the site to a federal court.

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