The Drill Down 136 – A Challenger Appears

This week, the Drill Down team are joined again by guest host Geeks Of Doom columnist Tom Cheredar to discuss Facebook’s official response to privacy criticisms, a Twitter bug, another leaked iPhone 4G, Adobe ♥s Apple, Digg’s pesky user problem, Hurt Locker sues, Heroes is canceled, Steam for the Mac, and heaven help us…4Chan 2?!

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The Drill Down 020 – I Get the Picture Now

Andy, Mu & Reg discuss Digg’s new features, what may lie in store in Digg’s future, the end of CompUSA, how Apple should spend the cash burning a hole in their pockets, and Reg finally reveals his true identity!

Show notes
Digg: Images and new categories launch tonight
Survey Hints at Future Digg Enhancements
CompUSA Sold, Will Close Stores; Expect Big Sales
Western Digital Blocks Media File Sharing From Storage Device
Who should Apple buy?
DVD Movies With an iTunes Copy: Worth More?
Microsoft’s sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children
Americans Love Lists

The Drill Down 018 – Leftovers

Andy Mu, Reg, and special guest Karim Yergaliyev (Supernova17 on Digg) sat down for an impromptu session with no agenda, recorded on Black Friday. We still manage to cover a few of the top stories, but mostly we were just stuffed and lethargic from Thanksgiving!

Show Links
Super Mario Galaxy Rated Best Video Game of All Time
Digg the Candidates
Digg The Candidates page
Digg – The Social Media Manual By Muhammad Saleem
An Open Letter to Comcast and Every cable/Telco on P2P
Mark Cuban to ISPs: block all P2P traffic; Ars to Cuban: um, no
Facebook Is Almost 2/3 Women (and other stats)

Supernova17 on Digg

Drill Bits 017 – Thank the Nigersaurus

Andy, Mu, and Reg mention Apple’s Time Machine, the nigersaurus, fellow diggers and digg tricks, and Hayden Panettiere.