Turn the Beat around! Why Apple buying Beats for $3.2 billion makes sense


By Dwayne DeFreitas

Yesterday the Financial Times broke news that Apple, Inc, was in talks to acquire Beats Electronics, AKA Beats by Dre (“Beats”), a trendy music brand that’s recently added streaming music software to its high-end listening hardware business. Forbes says that a person close to the matter, Dr. Dre confirmed it this morning.

From a technophile perspective, Beats has never really been that exciting. The over-the-ear headphones that they’re widely known for are not cheap and the reviews say they only excel with certain types of music. As a marketer, however, I find the reach and penetration of Beats pretty fascinating. With their flagship headphones pulling users away from the convenience of earbuds and branding that’s bold and powerful, Beats has managed to revive “Bling” from the 90s rap scene that its namesake (rapper Dr. Dre helped to create) and bring it into the 21st century– leveraging the same tween and teen demographic that used to save their lunch money for fancy sneakers and Guess jeans. Continue reading

Five Social Media and Branding Lessons From the Sochi Olympics

olympics-social-media-flag copy

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The winter Olympics in Sochi have been a spectacle full of amazing performances, controversy and memorable moments. These events have had the world’s attention for the entirety of the games, as individuals from different countries came together to celebrate athletic tradition and international relationships.

The hype surrounding the Olympics was not limited to traditional media, as social-media channels served as spheres of discussion regarding the games. The way in which the Olympics were represented on social media and events from the games themselves offer important lessons about social media. Below is a list of five branding lessons that can be taken away from the Olympics in Sochi. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Content ‘Sticky’ and Appealing


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Creating content that appeals to audiences takes a special approach, as well as a deep understanding of what people see as interesting, fascinating and/or shareable.  Fortunately, you don’t have to get a PhD in sociology or psychology, or an MBA in business marketing, to make what you write online “stickier.”

By following some tried and true techniques to make sure your content keeps readers engaged, you can build buzz that will get you closer to whatever your end-goal might be.

Continue reading

Who is the Average Social Gamer?


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As the gaming industry has broadened into the various different sectors, the definition of a ‘gamer’ has lost its defined meaning.  In the past, a gamer was an owner of a games console, such as a Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox.  However, in recent years, technological progression has allowed people to connect to games from a number of different devices.

People can now connect to the various games from the consoles, portable gaming devices (such as PS Vita and Gameboy), online/social games (accessed from web browsers) and smartphones.  As you can imagine, there are different demographics of players who like to play on each type of gaming.  In this article, we will discuss the definition of the average social gamer, a discovery which you might find slightly surprising… Continue reading

5 Social Media Lessons from NBA Stars


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Properly managing a social media presence is fundamental to any type of business or maintaining a public image in today’s web-engrossed world. While there are hundreds of articles and books written denoting proper social media conduct, it is also beneficial to learn from people who have seemed to master leveraging social media as a tool.

One group of people who have managed to maximize social media is NBA stars. Below is a list of five tips that we can take away from popular players such as Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin in terms of effectively using social media. Continue reading

Printing Out Supper: 3-D Printed Food


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The excitement over 3-D printing has gained steam throughout 2013, and 2014 will certainly open everyone’s eyes to the possibilities of this remarkable achievement in technology. And with all of the problems 3-D printing has solved already, is “What’s for dinner?” going to be the next? Continue reading

Five Social Media Mistakes to Avoid


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Pretend you’re standing on a stage in front of a crowd of 500 people, about to deliver a speech. Imagine that your speech is highly personal, offensive and crude, and is riddled with poor grammar. Now think of the consequences and embarrassment that would follow. When you use any social media site you broadcast an image of yourself to a huge audience, even though you can’t see them. To make sure your online image is pristine avoid these social media mistakes when posting online. Continue reading