The Drill Down 023 – Calamari and Sweet Pizza

This week’s delicious episode features Andy, Mu & Reg discussing Scoble hacking Facebook, Sony/BMG dropping DRM, Warner Dropping HD-DVD and more.

show links
Facebook disabled my account « Scobleizer
Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM
Confirmed: Warner Going 100% Blu-ray; Is This HD DVD’s Deathblow?
Sears: Come see the softer side of spyware
Digital Music Sales Fall in 2007; Piracy Blamed
iPhone 1.1.3 hands-on: previously undocumented new features, usage notes
JPMorgan Predicts 2008 Will Be “Nothing But Net”
Netflix Partners With LG to Bring Movies Straight to TV
Blogging For Dollars: Denton to pay bloggers based on traffic

The Drill Down 022 – The Best of 2007: Gotta Digg!

Join Andy, Mu & Reg as they ring in the new year by recalling their picks for the best tech, internet & science events of 2007. Then they’re joined by very special guest Kina Grannis (“Gotta Digg!”), who folk-rocks the house with her sweet musical stylings.

Top 10 in Tech, Science & Internet
1. Apple iPhone
2. Stem Cells from skin cells
3. One Laptop Per Child
4. Writer’s Guild Strike (Digital Download Residuals)
5. Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize/ increased awareness of Climate Change
6. Facebook’s Beacon Infuriates users
7. The rise of Grassroots Politics on the Net
8. Increase of taser abuse by law enforcement
9. RIAA vs. Jammie Thomas
10. Top Viral Videos 2007

Dramatic Look
Chocolate Rain
Leave Britney Alone!
The Landlord
Miss South Carolina 2007
Daft Hands
“Thriller” dance performed by Philipino prisoners
2 Girls, 1 Cup reactions
Gotta Digg!

kina grannis dot com
PUT KINA IN The Super Bowl!

The Drill Down 021 – Holiday Fun with the Boys

Happy Holidays! Andy, Mu & Reg want to celebrate the holidays with you this year, so relax with the eggnog and mulled cider and listen to Apple vs. ThinkSecret, Digg vs. its users, Mac vs. Windows, and more virtual presents!

Show Links
Apple, Think Secret settle lawsuit
Source: Digg hires bank, hoping to sell for $300 million or more
Why Digg Isn’t A Good Investment
Ding Dong, Digg is Dead
Holiday Avatars
Wii is No Replacement for Regular Physical Excersize
Daily Show and Colbert Report Back! – Indecision 2008
Sacha Baron Cohen: Killing off Borat & Ali G
Mac versus Windows vulnerability stats for 2007

No new episode this week. Y’know…holidays & all.

Sorry! Unavoidable scheduling conflicts have kept us away from out weekly passion, recording this podcast for you. In lieu of listening to our show this week,  I’d like to direct you to take a gander at another very cool tech podcast I recently discovered, Tech Snark. They have been called by fellow TDD listeners as the all-female version of The Drill Down, which we take as an enormous compliment. They put on a great show. Give ’em a listen!