Drill Bits 104 – Shooting the Breeze with David Chen

This is not David Chen. These are items tagged ‘David Chen’ on Flickr.

Dave Chen, producer of the SlashFilmCast hangs out in The Drill Down lounge and we chat about the film I worked on, Waking Sleeping Beauty, Our impressive Ustream traffic stats, Apple’s new iPod nanos, Shane Acker’s ‘9’, Twitter, Podcasting tips, podcast envy, and just a bunch of random stuff.

Show Notes

Tips and Tricks on How to Create Your Own Podcast

Overwhelming Positivity podcast

Drill Bits 102 – Gonna Landa Oscar®

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe

We praise the work of  ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star Christoph Waltz as the elegantly devious Col. Hans Landa. Plus, how’s the weather?

Drill Bits 101 – tweet philosophy

Mu and Andy discuss their philosophy on sending tweets and #FollowFriday, plus something happens in a bank.

Drill Bits 080 – Ymagyne Graytyr


This week on Drill Bits, we speak once again with frequent visitor David Chen from the /Filmcast as we discuss the Sci Fi network’s odd name change, Benjamin Button entering the Criterion Collection, and whether it matters or not that Blu-Ray won the HD format war.

Show notes
SciFi Channel Changes Name … To ‘Syfy’

Drill Bits 079 – big Blue DONG!


/Filmcast‘s David Chen joins TDD’s Andrew Sorcini in an impromptu review and discussion of director Zack Snyder’s epic adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ heralded 1986 graphic novel Watchmen.

show notes

Filmspotting’s review of Watchmen
Kevin Smith and the /Filmcast Review Watchmen
Creative Screenwriting Podcast interview with Watchmen screenwriters David Hayter and Alex Tse Continue reading