Best Web Design Trends To Ignite User Emotions


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Every relationship between the company and the customer is based on communication. Every communication is based on action and reaction. Every reaction can be a positive or a negative one that leads to the same kind of action. In other words, if you succeed to get a positive reaction you have a customer. If you get a negative reaction, better luck next time. In this era of digitalization, the communication has been largely automatized and that’s why it’s harder to ignite user emotions, but the basics have remained in behavioral science that can help you build a healthy relationship with your customers. Continue reading

Simple 6 Step Guide To Planning A Virtual Event

Simple 6 Step Guide To Creating Virtual Events

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A great way of marketing your growing business is most certainly through planning a virtual event. There are two ways of achieving this. You may organize a live event and stream it online, or you can just work on the standalone streaming. Either way, you’ll get a chance to communicate with your audience in real time, regardless of your or their geographical position. The text below will provide you with crucial steps you should consider before getting into event organization. Continue reading

How to Choose right Printer for Your Startup Business

How to Choose right Printer for Your Startup Business

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A printer plays a crucial role in the day to day activities of a workplace. Even though we are living in a World where everything has been digitized, still we rely on a printed hard copy for most of our important documents. Talking with the perspective of a startup choosing the right printer will allow it to be more efficient that will in return enable it to save its time and money.

There are hundred of printers that are available out there to choose from. However, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind which will enable you to choose the best one for your startup. Continue reading

Self Driving Cars? How About Cars You Actually Want to Drive?


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There is a lot of talk about whether or not self driving cars are going to actually be a thing of the present, rather than a thing of the future. Sure, there are lots of prototypes making their debuts and people are trying all sorts of things to get cars to propel themselves down a street filled with people and other cars. But the people trying to build self driving cars are missing the point of a good car: a good car is meant to be driven. Continue reading

3D Printing Meets Artificial Intelligence


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What you get when a 3D printer gets artificial intelligence!

Many tech giants around the world are working hard to combine some of the most disruptive technologies of the modern world to find out how we can change what the future holds. The baseline is that you give 3D printer artificial intelligence and you’ll find its productivity increasing manifold and the industry growing as it enables more and more people to be designers. Continue reading

5 Psychological Principles to Power Your Social Media & Content Marketing


Content marketing doesn’t appear to make sense at times, but taking a closer look can reveal predictable patterns of human behavior. Using these established psychological principles, you can create better content for your web pages, emails and social media posts.

Content powered by psychological principles can help you drive more traffic, engagement and conversions, boosting your business favorably.

One of Apple’s first video ads, “The Crazy Ones”, is a great example of a psychological principle at play. People want to belong, and Apple’s ad creates a cool, empowered clique that people would long to belong to.

This is a list of 5 psychological principles that you can use to make your social media and content marketing more effective.

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The Debate On TASERS: Should Civilians Have Them?

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As heated opinions in politics rise, many people are taking the time to think about firearms and what rules, regulations, and policies should be set for the use and ownership of them. There are arguments for different sides, and everyone has a set of beliefs and morals that help steer their opinion. Some people look at owning a gun as a strict means of protection, while others have found the recreational use of them. Shooting, hunting, and gun shows are just a few ways that people have found a way to enjoy and socialize with their hobby.

However, what people don’t talk about as much is the use of stun guns and TASERS. In most places, these items are free for anyone to purchase without many restrictions. A couple of states have set down rules like the need to obtain a license, or have banned them for civilian purchase entirely. Continue reading