Printing Out Supper: 3-D Printed Food


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The excitement over 3-D printing has gained steam throughout 2013, and 2014 will certainly open everyone’s eyes to the possibilities of this remarkable achievement in technology. And with all of the problems 3-D printing has solved already, is “What’s for dinner?” going to be the next? Continue reading

Five Social Media Mistakes to Avoid


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Pretend you’re standing on a stage in front of a crowd of 500 people, about to deliver a speech. Imagine that your speech is highly personal, offensive and crude, and is riddled with poor grammar. Now think of the consequences and embarrassment that would follow. When you use any social media site you broadcast an image of yourself to a huge audience, even though you can’t see them. To make sure your online image is pristine avoid these social media mistakes when posting online. Continue reading

Are Trends Killing the PR Industry?

Are Trends Killing PR Industry

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Digital technologies caused significant changes in media landscape, delivery of public relations, marketing and business that depend on traditional media, leading to major shifts in the role of the PR professionals. Think about the old days where black ink smeared on our finger tips while reading the newspaper, those days have gone and now we have turned into digital tools to get news. The new trend affect public relation professionals who have build their success through traditional media strategies, giving them a feeling to shift from this conventional media accessories to build new muscles in digital media and PR.

Continue reading

Why The Number of Twitter Followers You Have Is Irrelevant

Twitter followers

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There is a particular personality type out there that would rather have one or two extremely close friends than a dozen superficial acquaintances. It’s a case of quality over quantity. Much in the same way, just because you have a huge Twitter following doesn’t mean you have a good following. Continue reading

How to have a Smart Home: Savvy Tech Homes


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We’ve all heard of “smart” phones. Even smart TVs. But what about a smart home? What would that look like? Would it be filled with the latest technology? Would it help you save money? The answer to both questions is “yes.” Let’s have a look at some technology available right now that can turn your house into a smart home. Continue reading

5 Ways To Generate Better Business With The Use Of Facebook Apps

facebook apps

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Most of the business owners out there do not properly understand social media so it should come as no surprise to see the fact that many do not want to invest money in the creation of an app. This is something that you might want to consider because really well built apps do help on the long run and you can get better business by basically improving your social media presence together with offering interaction.

Let us go through 5 really simple ways in which you can get better business with the use of Facebook apps. It is a certainty that you will appreciate the fact that you build a better reputation and your brand awareness is automatically increased. Continue reading

How Screens Impact Consumer Behavior

guy looking at tablet and tv
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Today’s media world features a whole host of devices with screens, from the smallest smartphones to the largest televisions. Many of them can be interlinked or can interact to exchange data, which complicates the process of figuring out how consumers behave today. There are a number of distinct traits many consumers exhibit, however. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs are the four primary types of screens.There are a few important things to note when considering the devices people use, the purposes they use them for, and the method by which they select a device to use. Here’s the rundown on how screens are changing consumer behavior. Continue reading