7+ Great Social Media Tools for Efficient Marketing in 2018

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Social media has revolutionized brand-customer relationships. As we approach 2018, social media marketing is both every marketer’s priority and challenge. Every marketer wants to use the budget-friendly and multi-functional medium to the fullest extent. But with the increasing competition on the platform, brands are being forced to constantly up their game.  

Social media tools are a critical part of efficient marketing strategies, and every year, new tools are released into the social media management market. Here’s a list of 7+ such tools, old and new, that can impact your social media marketing in 2018.   Continue reading

How New Virtual Reality Technology Makes The Building Process Easy For Home Buyers

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Virtual reality, VR, is a new technology that is creating a buzz in all the right places for good reason. It involves using computer-based systems to create a simulated three-dimensional environment. You then use special headsets to fully immerse yourself into the 3D space and interact with the elements there as if you were physically there. You wear the headset on your face, look into the screens fitted on the inside, and hear the sound through headphones. Continue reading

6 Ways To Automate Your Smart Home With Useful Gadgets

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Upgrading and equipping your home with the right technology or gadgets can be a fun-filled task. But getting the relevant technology and the right gadgets for your home is more about getting your family and property safe is more of a responsibility than a matter of entertainment. To achieve this, it is not at all necessary that you have to spend a lot of your time and money on buying stuff that you don’t want. Security gadgets and equipment are very easy to install if you’re doing this on your own, while some equipment might require you to hire a professional hand. In any case, you have the technology to come to your aid and add security and change to your home for the greater good. There are a few more ways that can help you get the security you want to ease up your life: Continue reading

Self Driving Cars? How About Cars You Actually Want to Drive?


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There is a lot of talk about whether or not self driving cars are going to actually be a thing of the present, rather than a thing of the future. Sure, there are lots of prototypes making their debuts and people are trying all sorts of things to get cars to propel themselves down a street filled with people and other cars. But the people trying to build self driving cars are missing the point of a good car: a good car is meant to be driven. Continue reading

3D Printing Meets Artificial Intelligence


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What you get when a 3D printer gets artificial intelligence!

Many tech giants around the world are working hard to combine some of the most disruptive technologies of the modern world to find out how we can change what the future holds. The baseline is that you give 3D printer artificial intelligence and you’ll find its productivity increasing manifold and the industry growing as it enables more and more people to be designers. Continue reading