The Drill Down 021 – Holiday Fun with the Boys

Happy Holidays! Andy, Mu & Reg want to celebrate the holidays with you this year, so relax with the eggnog and mulled cider and listen to Apple vs. ThinkSecret, Digg vs. its users, Mac vs. Windows, and more virtual presents!

Show Links
Apple, Think Secret settle lawsuit
Source: Digg hires bank, hoping to sell for $300 million or more
Why Digg Isn’t A Good Investment
Ding Dong, Digg is Dead
Holiday Avatars
Wii is No Replacement for Regular Physical Excersize
Daily Show and Colbert Report Back! – Indecision 2008
Sacha Baron Cohen: Killing off Borat & Ali G
Mac versus Windows vulnerability stats for 2007

No new episode this week. Y’know…holidays & all.

Sorry! Unavoidable scheduling conflicts have kept us away from out weekly passion, recording this podcast for you. In lieu of listening to our show this week,  I’d like to direct you to take a gander at another very cool tech podcast I recently discovered, Tech Snark. They have been called by fellow TDD listeners as the all-female version of The Drill Down, which we take as an enormous compliment. They put on a great show. Give ’em a listen!

Drill Bits 020 – Mike Check

Andy has microphone problems, and we shout-out to one of our favorite Digg commenters.

The Drill Down 020 – I Get the Picture Now

Andy, Mu & Reg discuss Digg’s new features, what may lie in store in Digg’s future, the end of CompUSA, how Apple should spend the cash burning a hole in their pockets, and Reg finally reveals his true identity!

Show notes
Digg: Images and new categories launch tonight
Survey Hints at Future Digg Enhancements
CompUSA Sold, Will Close Stores; Expect Big Sales
Western Digital Blocks Media File Sharing From Storage Device
Who should Apple buy?
DVD Movies With an iTunes Copy: Worth More?
Microsoft’s sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children
Americans Love Lists

The Drill Down is was in Wikipedia!

Thanks to intrepid, prolific and all-around wonderful listener Mike Kaufman (MikeOnTV on Digg), we now have our own entry in Wikipedia! Cruise on over and check it out! Thanks Mike!

The Powers-That-Be over at Wikipedia are threatening to delete the entry. They want to know what importance or significance we have that justifies our existence in Wikipedia. Fair enough. Here’s where you, loyal listeners, come in. If you can provide an impassioned argument as to why The Drill Down deserves a spot in the hallowed halls of Wikipedia, this would be your opportunity to do so. Are we worthy of cultural immortality?

Update 2:
Wow. The Drill Down just found out the real meaning of the term “Speedy Deletion“. Still not to late to recreate it, though…