Drill Bits 018 – Pareto Principle

We shoot the breeze with Karim Yergaliyev, and talk about Digg, Home Theater, torrents and the USS Kitty Hawk (?!)

The Drill Down 018 – Leftovers

Andy Mu, Reg, and special guest Karim Yergaliyev (Supernova17 on Digg) sat down for an impromptu session with no agenda, recorded on Black Friday. We still manage to cover a few of the top stories, but mostly we were just stuffed and lethargic from Thanksgiving!

Show Links
Super Mario Galaxy Rated Best Video Game of All Time
Digg the Candidates
Digg The Candidates page
Digg – The Social Media Manual By Muhammad Saleem
An Open Letter to Comcast and Every cable/Telco on P2P
Mark Cuban to ISPs: block all P2P traffic; Ars to Cuban: um, no
Facebook Is Almost 2/3 Women (and other stats)

Supernova17 on Digg

Drill Bits 017 – Thank the Nigersaurus

Andy, Mu, and Reg mention Apple’s Time Machine, the nigersaurus, fellow diggers and digg tricks, and Hayden Panettiere.

The Drill Down 017 – Your Privacy is an Illusion

Andy, Mu and Reg discuss three very different cautionary tales of privacy violations on open social networks. Then on Lightning Round: the theory of everything discovered by a surfer, Gene Simmons puts his foot in it, Fox News Porn, and we give shout outs to just about everyone.

Show Links
4-figure glory: me and the digg 1,000 club – by [muhammad.saleem]
Adults drive 14-year-old to suicide by harassing her on MySpace
Gun owner says Facebook gave employer access to her private profile
Bank intern busted by Facebook
Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything
Billboard Q&A: Gene Simmons on File Sharers – “Sue ’em”
Digg – Fox News Porn Video!
Digg.com – Best Person In The World – Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Digg: foxnewsporn.com Unbanned
Firefox 3.0 may ship with a slew of serious bugs intact
Mininova Hits The Million Torrent Uploads Mark
Adult FriendFinder sale: “Sweet if it were true”
Lindsay Lohan spends 84 minutes in jail

Intro to ‘Aguanile’ performed by Neal Rodriguez

Drill Bits 016 – Standard Deviation

Andy, Mu, and Reg discuss when duping a story on Digg is acceptable, who’s coming up in the Digg ranks, nipples on feet (?!), prank calls, the Relakks VPN, the trouble with the OLPC, iJustine, botnets, Digg Images (treefrogs!), other Diggers, “biddy-biddy-boop”, and Andy finally explains the difference between the Wiimote and the Nintendo Zapper.

Show Links
Getting Stressed Out With Anonymous BitTorrent
iJustine at the PodCast Expo
Pownce – Note from Kevin
The World’s Biggest Botnets
Digg: Say hello to the enormous bubblegum wall (PICS)
GOOG-411’s “Biddy-Biddy-Boop”
How Nintendo’s NES Zapper works