7+ Great Social Media Tools for Efficient Marketing in 2018

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Social media has revolutionized brand-customer relationships. As we approach 2018, social media marketing is both every marketer’s priority and challenge. Every marketer wants to use the budget-friendly and multi-functional medium to the fullest extent. But with the increasing competition on the platform, brands are being forced to constantly up their game.  

Social media tools are a critical part of efficient marketing strategies, and every year, new tools are released into the social media management market. Here’s a list of 7+ such tools, old and new, that can impact your social media marketing in 2018.  

  1. Canva for graphic design

While over the years, social media tools for graphics design have grown in number, Canva has consistently remained ahead of its competition. Here’s why.

Canva’s ease of use is legendary because of the graphic design tool’s flexibility and resources. It stocks canvases of the right sizes for every purpose and has professionally designed templates for ech canvas size. The only thing left is expert advice, which Canva offers to users in the form of their highly illustrative and instructive blog, and an active design community consisting of their user base.  

  1. DrumUp for social media management

While social media management software are a dime a dozen, DrumUp is the perfect solution for small businesses and social agencies because it curates the right suite of features.

DrumUp’s features cover every social media marketing requirement, from content suggestions and scheduling to easy content amplification via automation, advocacy and native ads, to analytics. The social media management tool’s best feature is probably its content libraries in which you can store content (original and curated) in an organized manner and share it easily with your social media fan base.

  1. Socedo for social media lead generation  

Social media lead generation tools are rare, and Socedo is among the best of them. The tool’s ability to scour your social media network and identify profiles that have high potential to convert into leads.

Socedo is easy to use lead generation tool, because all it requires is an initial setup of search criteria for lead identification. The criteria consider ‘conversational keywords’ that your leads use in their tweets. These conversational keywords can be made more relevant by applying ‘may’ or ‘must’ filters and negative keywords and fine-tune search results. With the results this tool provides, you can build a relevant social media following of people who can turn into customers over the long run.

  1. IFTTT for cross-promotion & expanded reach  

While social media scheduling tools can also act as ‘cross-promotion tools’, IFTTT also integrates with other applets that not only relate to social media platforms but also email, Pocket, Fiverr, Medium and others, making it an interesting multi-purpose tool.

IFTTT is probably one of the easiest means to manage a bunch of marketing research, with everything from research to posting and general branding. The tool lets you create your own ‘recipes’ or action sequences to enable your marketing. Good examples of them are – sending tweets by certain accounts to an email address or posting your Fiverr reviews on a social media platform. While the first can help you connect with influencers, the second can help you create a positive brand reputation on social media.

  1. Buzzsumo for blog & social media research

While plenty of backlink research tools can give you insight into content performance on social media, Buzzsumo is a social media substitute that can give you the same insights and more.

Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to help create a popular blog post that can not only create more engagement for your brand on social media but also increase your website traffic. Using the content analysis tool, you can identify the most popular posts related to a topic on social media and then outdo that post. Buzzsumo provides information on who has linked to and shared a certain post, and you can use that info to get the SEO and social media marketing of a post right.

  1. Venngage for infographic design & distribution

While skeptical social media marketers are steering clear of infographics in their social media strategies, other marketers are continuing to benefit from them. Infographics make sense on social media; a place where attention is scarce and information is aplenty.

Venngage beats other infographic design tools in the resources that it provides its users. The tool stocks a wide variety of templates, having something for marketers from any industry. This, put together with the tool’s easy to use editor and the fact that it aids in distribution across social media and within its community make Venngage the perfect tool for infographic making and distribution.

  1. Audiense for social media analytics

There are several social media analytics tools in the market, but few boast of the accuracy and beautiful data representation that Audiense offers its users.

Audiense is a social media analytics tool that helps you identify your audience and understand how they engage with your brand across social media. The tool also makes sense of engagement data and provides insights that brands can use to improve their engagement across their social media profiles. If you’re a data analyst who has to report to the marketing manager, Audiense can save you a ton of time by providing insights and auto-generating beautiful reports of your brand’s engagement data.

These tools can help transform the way you market in 2018. Identify the ones best-suited to your requirements and incorporate them into your marketing plan, because 2018 promises to be a year of both opportunities and competition on social media.

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Disha Dinesh is Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content creation firm. When she’s not on the hunt for social media and content marketing trends, she’s foot-tapping to the latest in progressive music.