Twitter Marketing Tips: How to Create Better Tweets to Increase Engagement

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Posts on Twitter have the shortest shelf-lives on social media. Additionally, they are extremely restrictive content-wise. With just 140 words at your disposal, finding the right content to publish is extremely important. It’s imperative for brands to create excellent content in order to effect better engagement. Here are a few things you could do, in order to more successfully engage your followers:

Speak directly to the users

Your customer engagement efforts will be successful only if they result in happy and loyal customers. One very important way to better engage your customers is to speak to them directly.

You may have followers, who respond to your tweets either publicly or privately. It’s important to respond directly to them within an hour of receiving the message. This type of personalized attention from you will make followers feel valued and will bind them more closely to you.

Implement actionable words in your titles

A recent research by Twitter showed that using actionable words and phrases such as ‘download’, ‘try it now’ and ‘free sample’ generate a higher click rate, by almost 13%. Using these words and phrases not only attract user’s attentions, but they also guide users towards a certain action. For example, if you are marketing software on Twitter, including the words ‘free trial’ will encourage more users towards downloading the software.

Make your tweets a visual treat for followers

Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn – you talk of any social media platform and you notice how content with pictures in them generate greater attention. The same goes with Twitter. Tweets which have an interesting image or a meme will garner higher levels of attention.

People are visual creatures and including stunning graphics and images in your tweets will help you better engage your followers.

Ask for action

Sometimes, brands need to put subtlety aside and just ask followers for retweets. The best way to engage customers on Twitter is to actively and consciously ask their followers to do something for them. A simple act as asking your followers to take up a survey will result in a higher number of clicks.

Consider including puzzles, riddles and questions in your tweets and encourage your followers to take part in the activity. Then ask them to retweet your posts so that their followers get to join in the fun.

Cater to all time zones

It’s been noticed that the best time to post on Twitter is 10:00-11:00 AM eastern standard time (EST). While eastern time zones will be starting their day, the western time zones will be ending theirs. Users from most countries around the world will be on Twitter at this time, making it the perfect time to post tweets.

In this world of global connectivity, a good engagement strategy is one that covers all time zones equally.

Tools section

Your Twitter followers can be a very difficult crowd to please. But, by using specialized tools and applications, you can customize your content to suit various preferences. Use the following tools to better engage your followers on Twitter:


With over 1000 beautiful pre-made templates, Creately allows users to design spectacular images and diagrams for social media. Images generate great attention on Twitter. Engage your followers by creating unique diagrams using Creately.


As discussed, posting your tweet for audiences from different time zones is extremely important. But, how do you do it? DrumUp is the answer.

A social media scheduling tool, DrumUp helps you organize your content and post it several times during the day. If for example, you work on EST and you wish to engage your audiences who are on GMT or IST, you can use DrumUp to schedule your posts.

The application has a specialized library feature which allows you to organize your URLs into different folders, pick time slots for posting each tweet and upload images, GIFs & emoji along with the content. With DrumUp, you no longer need to worry about staying up past your bedtime. Just select the posts you wish to publish, set the times for posting and let DrumUp do the rest.

Coschedule Social Message Optimizer

Do you wish to know what emotions your tweets evoke in your followers? If yes, you should get your hands on Coschedule Social Message Optimizer. This tool allows users to identify engagement levels by charting your follower’s response towards the tweet. The tool also provides tips on viable content that can be published by the brand, based on your Twitter history.

Hemingway App

Spelling & grammar and readability account for majority of the mistakes in social media content. Use the Hemmingway App to identify and correct all of your language errors. The tool color coordinates the errors based on category, allowing users to understand where they went wrong.

Customer engagement on Twitter, although challenging, will provide myriad benefits to businesses. Put the above tips into action and find yourself growing popular on social media.

Author bio:

Disha Dinesh is Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content creation firm. Her interests include social media and content marketing, and progressive music.