Self Driving Cars? How About Cars You Actually Want to Drive?


The following is a guest post.

There is a lot of talk about whether or not self driving cars are going to actually be a thing of the present, rather than a thing of the future. Sure, there are lots of prototypes making their debuts and people are trying all sorts of things to get cars to propel themselves down a street filled with people and other cars. But the people trying to build self driving cars are missing the point of a good car: a good car is meant to be driven.

Every Car is Different

While it can be cumbersome and boring on long stretches of highway, you can easily reduce the feelings of “are we there yet” with a good car. So what makes a car great? Everyone has their own version of an answer to that question. Some people like to drive rag tops, some people like to drive vehicles with roll bars, some people like to drive 4 door sedans. Everyone is different. Thankfully, every car is different.


Luxury Vs. Economy

There are luxury cars and efficient family cars and cars that look like spaceships, like the Devel Sixteen. It’s such a unique looking car, you have to wonder if it would even drive. But you better believe there is someone, somewhere that will drop a few bucks on owning that car. How enjoyable will it be to drive? Who knows, but someone, somewhere will enjoy it.

What Do You Want in your Next Car?

The average car consumer wants a few things to be standard: lots of room, fuel efficiency, storage space for all our stuff – oh, we all have so much stuff! We want DVD players for our kids and bluetooth radios to hook up our mobile phones. We want wide wheel bases for taking turns smoothly and we want a sticker price we can actually stomach. And on top of all of that, we want a car that is fun to drive. We don’t want to find ourselves dreading the thought of getting in the car, we want our cars to be cars we actually want to drive!


Make Sure it’s Fun!

The next time you set out to buy a car, consider what you want your car to do for you. It’s not just a device that can help you get from point A to point B on your travels. A good car can actually take you places you want to go and make the experience of getting there very enjoyable. Stick to the cars that are already doing well on the market and don’t worry yourself about self-driving cars just yet. There are plenty of people out there already worrying themselves sick over how they are going to get these cars moving. Remember to take any car you choose on a long test drive through all kinds of roads – you want to be sure this one is going to be the one that is fun to drive.

About the Author:

Brad Richardson loves writing about cars almost as much as he loves driving them. His love for driving, watching and reading anything car related, began at a very young age. Think playing with Match Box cars to recently learning to track race Mini Coopers as an active hobby. Brad loves concept cars, like the spectacularly designed the Devel Sixteen. He dreams of someday being able to drive one of these fantasy rides!