The Debate On TASERS: Should Civilians Have Them?

imgID77909496The following is a guest post.

As heated opinions in politics rise, many people are taking the time to think about firearms and what rules, regulations, and policies should be set for the use and ownership of them. There are arguments for different sides, and everyone has a set of beliefs and morals that help steer their opinion. Some people look at owning a gun as a strict means of protection, while others have found the recreational use of them. Shooting, hunting, and gun shows are just a few ways that people have found a way to enjoy and socialize with their hobby.

However, what people don’t talk about as much is the use of stun guns and TASERS. In most places, these items are free for anyone to purchase without many restrictions. A couple of states have set down rules like the need to obtain a license, or have banned them for civilian purchase entirely.

Why would they do this? TASERS and stun guns have been considered non-lethal and have been advertised as great methods of protection and self-defense, especially for those who don’t feel comfortable or cannot own a gun. Is that entirely true, though?


The manufacturers of TASER insists that the devices are safe, yet there are still people dying when it comes to using these “safe” methods of self-defense. A 15-year-old boy was killed by one blast, as Huffington Post noticed, and advice has been given out to avoid shooting the chest and instead going for limbs, such as an arm.

Hitting smaller targets, especially if you have no prior experience, is tough. The natural instinct is to shoot for whatever you think you can hit. Most commonly, people go for the chest as a large area, easier to pinpoint. Police and other military professionals may be able to master using the TASER enough to just hit a leg, but can a civilian? Not only are they more likely to miss and render themselves even more vulnerable since they’ve not threatened an attacker, but they’re at risk of accidentally arming the villain who may know more about the device than you.8606c90885c32ed6db9f5a48c5c0bebb

Self-defense is very important, and women especially have been taking the initiative to protect themselves. Pepper spray, martial arts classes and loud whistles are some of the common ways women and younger adults and teenagers have started to arm themselves against the unfortunate violence in the world. However, it is equally important to be using safe methods of self-defense.

Now, is all of this to say you should never own a stun gun or LASER? That you should pack up your self-defense items and give up? Not necessarily. Instead, we hope this can serve as a piece of encouragement to get educated on different methods and the safety procedures in everything. You should never try to stand behind a weapon, even one that is non-lethal, that you’re uncomfortable with.

Brad Richardson is an author who writes for,  an indoor shooting range.