5 Weird but Creative Ways of Using Facebook

Facebook-Marketing-Shortcuts-For-Small-BusinessThe following is a guest post.

For many businesses, large or small, a Facebook page is almost mandatory. Facebook allows businesses to create custom pages, promote their products, and engage with their customers. When used properly, it can be an amazingly powerful tool to reach a wider audience. In this article, you will learn five weird but creative ways of using Facebook to improve audience targeting.

  1. Purchase Behavior Targeting

This is a detailed targeting option which can help you improve your target market. Purchase behavior targeting lets you target individuals based on their purchasing behavior. For instance, if you’re selling luxury items, you can target individuals who are luxury brand buyers. If you own a pet shop, you can target pet owners.

Purchase behaviors may include:

  • Premium buyers
  • Luxury brand buyers
  • Mainstream buyers
  • Value buyers
  • Fashion buyers
  • Pet owners
  • Coffee buyers
  • Restaurant goers
  • Wine buyers


  1. Life Events Targeting

The parameter of Life Events is unique. You can target people at detailed intervals of time. Facebook has several life events targeting preferences since people tend to post life events to their timelines. For instance, if you’re a Jeweler, it makes perfect sense to target those people who recently got engaged. You can even pick from people who have been engaged for less than six months or a year. 

Life events may include:

  • New relationships
  • Newly-wedded people
  • People with upcoming birthdays
  • People who are celebrating anniversaries
  • People with new job 
  1. Inclusion Targeting

This Targeting option is used to limit your targeting. People have to meet more than one variable to be part of an audience. Instead of just targeting one group of people, you can narrow the audience down by adding an “AND” condition. 

  1. Income Targeting

You can qualify a targeted audience by their income. Facebook breakdowns income ranges into categories. You can use an “AND” condition with income targeting in combination with purchase behavior to get a specific audience.


  1. Lookalike Audiences

This is probably the most powerful audience targeting option. If used correctly and if you have a large source sample, Facebook can build it with the use of their algorithm that’s based on the source audience you created. Facebook will get the data points from the source audience provided to find comparable new people that bear the same data points. This is a great way to discover people who are similar to your existing audience. 

When creating a Lookalike audience, you pick the:

  • The size of Audience. Audience size runs from 1-10% of the total population of the chosen country, with 1% of people who closely match your source.
  • Country. You choose the country to match your Lookalike. The best practice is to choose the country where your source audience is from. For instance, if your work predominantly with US-based businesses, any Lookalike audience you make will be in the US.
  • Source. This is the source data upon which your Lookalike audience will be made. This could be a page audience, an email list, or even video viewers.

When you’ve finally reached your target audience, engaging with them is your next best move. Here are some ways to engage more with your Facebook fans:

  1. Post relevant content that your audience will enjoy. Specifically, images tend to draw the most likes, shares, as well as comments. Images boost and increase Facebook post likes.
  2. Post content that shows your human side, but before pressing the Facebook post button, make sure the post is relevant and in line with your brand values.
  3. Engage with your audience by conversing with them. People love talking to real people. Respond to their queries and comments. Also, make sure to address the complaints.
  4. Keep a close eye on Facebook reactions. A great response can convert upset or angry customers into faithful, raving fans.
  5. Encourage discussion or feedback. Ask your customers about their experience with your product. A healthy discussion offers a great endorsement for your business. Some businesses are even buying Facebook shares, likes, and comments just to encourage other followers to get involved in the discussion.
  6. Direct your audience to your blog or website. Set your blog or website’s RSS feed so that you can automatically publish good pieces on your Facebook page. This will encourage real Facebook fans to pay a visit to your website.
  7. Try pleasing your Facebook fans by offering exclusive deals or running competitions. Real Facebook followers use Facebook to get special offers that cannot be found elsewhere.



Having a Facebook page for your business lets your customers find you more easily using their mobile devices. If you’re aiming for success, these five weird yet creative ways to improve your audience targeting will surely get you there. The more targeted you are when you run campaigns or Ads, the better results you will get. The best targeting option among the five we’ve mentioned is the Lookalike Audiences. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this option depends on the size and quality of the source audience. This will definitely double your reach and will widen your audience.

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