How to Boost Social Media Reach Organically


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Organic social media reach is declining, and marketers are seeking new ways to increase content exposure on social media. You could invest in social media ads, but according to this statistic, ad aversion is on the rise.

To build a powerful brand on social media, you need ways to boost your reach, organically. This post lists six smart ways to accomplish that task.

1. Recruit social media users as brand advocates

People trust recommendations from friends and family over recommendations from any other source on social media, according to Nielsen’s report. This is why happy customers, partners, social media fans and employees even, would make powerful advocates of your brand on social media. The number of brands using social employee advocacy has grown by 191% in the last three years, proving that this tactic is working wonders for companies.

To run a successful advocacy program, you need an advocacy platform to connect your advocates with the content you create, so they can help you amplify it on social. Alternatively, you can also involve them in content creation.


2. Personally interact with brand followers

Did you know that Facebook boost your reach on the feeds of people you have personally interacted with in the past? This is one of the qualifiers that the social network uses to curate social users’ feeds. By interacting with your fans, you increase the chances of reaching their feeds with your content.

Further, people are more receptive to your content if you have acknowledged them or spoken with them in the past. They are also more likely to engage with your content and share it if you have. You can use Twitter lists or a social media monitoring tool like BrandWatch to find and participate in important conversations with your social media fans.

3. Tap into preexisting niche communities

Given that organic reach has declined, it has become harder for brands to connect with their exact audiences. Instead of trying to build a niche following on social networks, you could tap into preexisting ones like specific Facebook or LinkedIn groups, or Twitter chats. You could even partner with influencers and reach out to the followings that they have amassed.

Some influencer marketing platform like Tapinfluence can help.

amplify content

4. Optimize your posts to amplify your content

Every social media post that you publish can be crafted to increase its exposure. On Twitter and Instagram you can use hashtags and @mentions to catch the attention of all the right people. Hashtag research tools like KeyHole can help you determine the right hashtag to use.

Sharing the right content for your niche also matters. You could use a content curation app like DrumUp to source keyword based content for your social media pages. Also ensure that the content you share has an eye-catching image and a link leading back to your webpages for the best effect.

5. Optimize your social media profiles for search

There are two searches that you have to account for when working with social pages – the search engine search and the social media search. Both of these searches have separate algorithms and have their own quirks in returning results.

The search engine search ranks your page if it has the keyword in the page’s name while the social search also includes pages that have the keyword mentioned in the page’s “categories” or page descriptions. It is important to fill in all available fields and link your social pages back to your webpages to channel your social media traffic.


6. Off-platform efforts

Every medium you are present on is essentially a means of driving traffic back to your other media and web properties. You can drive traffic to social media through your website and email newsletters.

All you have to to enable social sharing using a social plug-in tool like SumoMe. You can also include your social media links on emails that you send to people.


There are several ways for you to increase your social media reach organically. This list is a great way to start, but it is important to keep your eyes open for possible opportunities to make the most of them.

Author bio

Disha Dinesh is a social media and content marketing enthusiast who writes for Godot Media, a leading content creation firm.