Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Image via freepik

Image via freepik

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For small businesses, Twitter can greatly amplify their social media presence, help generate leads and build a strong community. Tools for Twitter management have been around for a while and are now a staple requirement for most marketers. With so many tools out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones will actually make a difference to your business. To help you make that decision, here’s a list of 10 Twitter marketing tools that are great to use: 



Marketers have to post a large variety of content on Twitter to stay relevant to their audience. DrumUp is the perfect tool to aid with this – the tool gathers the best content from your niche on a daily basis. The one-click scheduling feature allows you to directly schedule posts, as and when you see them in your feed.  The advanced scheduling option that lets you edit the post, add recommended hashtags, choose a custom time of publishing, add an image, set a repeat schedule and save the post to your library. You can also schedule custom content on multiple accounts at the same time and schedule it to repost over months. The tool is great for maintaining consistency and curating quality content. It gives you access to content from industry experts to help you stay current and gain invaluable knowledge. Curating content also increases the possibility of audience engagement. 

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Tweetdeck is an all-in-one Twitter management tool and is particularly useful for businesses. The tool lets you track accounts, topics, hashtags and mentions on your dashboard. This helps you keep track of what is being said about your company and connect with your audience immediately. It is one of the best tools for real-time Twitter management as it enables you to reply to tweets directly from your dashboard. The tool also allows you to create Twitter lists, monitor trends and analytics. For small businesses, this is invaluable as they tend to have a smaller audience and responding immediately can be critical.



SocialRank is a tool that organizes your followers and better understand them. You can sort your followers by Most Valuable, Best Followers, Most Engaged, Most Followed and Alphabetical. This helps you identify who among your followers are important and whom you should engage with. It also offers a wide range of features including geographical location, verified, interests, and comparing the account with other users. You can then create custom lists of followers and export them to Twitter or as a CSV file. Lists can also be saved on SocialRank.



Socialoomph is an all-in-one tool that allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, delete unnecessary DMs and do so much more. The tool lets you access multiple accounts and view mentions and retweets. You can also save drafts containing your most used URLs and tweets so you can schedule them easily. It offers a URL shortening service through which you can track analytics. You can also completely delete all your tweets and start over without losing your followers.



Nurph is the ultimate Twitter chat tool. All you have to do is get Nurph, send an invitation to your followers and instantly start a group chat on Twitter with Text, Audio and Video. To make the experience even better, Nurph offers sound effects and emoticons. You can also integrate hashtags, replay chats in real time and get insights into your community. The tool also offers post chat analytics like most influential participants, most active participants,  most re-tweeted tweets and much more. You can also send SMS reminders to followers who have subscribed, in case they tend to forget. If your preferred mode of connecting with your audience is Twitter Chat – this is a must have tool.



Mention offers a dashboard where you can track any conversation revolving around topics of your interest. It scans billions of sources in 40 different languages to show your mentions in real time. You can reply instantly within the app itself. It also shows you the most influential followers based on your keywords. You can perform a variety of other activities too, like retweeting a tweet, commenting on Facebook posts, right from your dashboard.



ManageFlitter makes sure you’re heard over all the noise on Twitter. You can use their Powerpost feature to post tweets at the best time. One of its most reputed features is the ability to group unfollow/follow members in your community. It shows you users who aren’t following you back, have no profile picture, or are inactive, so you can mass unfollow them with a single click. It’s follow tool works the same way – you can find followers based on a variety of factors and follow them en masse.  You can filter your search using keywords, account age, location and more. enables you to prioritize your most important tasks on Twitter. You can find the most valuable influencers in your niche as it categorizes people into Influencers, Supporters and Engaged Members. These are judged by your engagement history, followers/ following ratio, retweets and brand mentions. This means you can stop wasting your time on pointless interactions and focus on the important ones. Along with this, it also offers analytics, multiple Twitter accounts, Twitter List Management and lots more. is a unique tool that lets you gather the most relevant content from all over the web and social media. It uses natural language processing, machine learning and social signals to get the best content for your customers. You can then directly share the content on social media. You can also send out content in the form of a digital magazine or newsletter. This is bound to make you a reliable source of information for your customers and peers. also offers a bookmarklet that allows you to bookmark content while on the move.

sniply-dashboard is a must have for any marketer who curates content. More commonly known as a URL shortening service, the tool does much more than that. Its most valuable feature is the ability to add a call to action with every link you shorten and share. You can customize the call to action and button to add a message you like. A customized call to action means you will be visible to your customers even when you share others’ content. It also lets you track the links you share and is integrated with a host of other apps and tools to make your life easier.

These 10 tools can help your business’ Twitter presence grow tremendously and find new opportunities. Choose the ones that fit your company’s needs the best and keep at it until you reap the benefits.

Author Bio: Jessica Davis has a keen interest in social media and content marketing, and writes extensively about it. She represents Godot Media, a leading copywriting service firm.