9 Free Tools To Find and Share The Best Content


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As a social media manager, it is essential to find fresh content on a daily basis in order to boost engagement with your audience. It is also important to be consistent with your posting, a task that becomes challenging when you have to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. If you’re running around, trying to juggle all your accounts on the go, content discovery and curation tools are the answers to all your problems. They automate a lot of mundane processes, making it easier for you to manage your time and focus on more important tasks. Here are 9 such free tools:


DrumUp is a web and Android app that finds fresh content everyday, based on your keywords. Its algorithms sort through hundreds of sources on the web to help you find the most relevant content for your audience. This tool makes content curation easy with its scheduling features that allow you to post on multiple accounts simultaneously. You can schedule curated content or original content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. DrumUp also has a Chrome plug-in that lets you share content as soon as you find it. The plug-in also helps with content discovery as it gives suggestions based on the article you’re currently reading. It makes you more efficient as you find information faster and can concentrate on creating on good content.

Flipboard 1


Flipboard aids with content discovery, as you get the latest news from trusted sources and view boards based on your interests. The tool also lets you create your own boards, containing posts of everything you’re interested in. You can share content on Flipboard by creating digital magazines – a collection of articles, images and videos – about your preferred topic. You can share these magazines or individual posts on Twitter, Facebook and through e-mail.

pocket 1


Pocket is a content discovery tool that lets you save anything you find interesting on the web for viewing later. You can save articles, images, videos and much more. Everything you save on one device will be synced across all your devices – tablets, computers and mobiles – giving you access to all your information in one place. Pocket is also integrated with 1500+ apps, making it easier to save content. Pocket is available across numerous platforms including Android, iOS, Windows PC and Macbooks.

bundlr 1


Bundlr is a tool and app that lets you save content for later. You can create “bundles” or collections of articles, videos, tweets and other content for later viewing. It is also great for content discovery as it gives you the most relevant information from breaking news, a selection of content in your area of expertise and online feedback. Bundlr also has a Chrome plug-in, in the form of a “Bundle This!” button which makes it easy for you to save content while browsing.



IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, it lets you create “recipes” or simple statements that dictate how the apps on your phone will be integrated. This app is great for content discovery as you can curate content easily with features that allow you to follow your favorite sports team, get the latest stories from New York Times, NPR and TIME magazine. You can share anything on social media by setting up recipes that allow your apps to automatically share posts you want. You can also make your social media apps work together. For example, you can create a recipe that posts a Facebook status update every time you tweet.



Paper.li is a powerful tool that gets the best content for you from social media, RSS feeds, YouTube and many other sources on the web. You can let Paper.li select your sources for you or add your own sources and prioritize them to suit your needs. You can customize everything that you post and even include your own advertising to generate revenue. Paper.li lets you share posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and create e-mail newsletters. You can even add content to your website or blog. Paper.li works on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

meddle 1


Meddle lets you and your employees create full length content pieces from anything you read on the web with its unique content creation features. Your employees can turn anything they read into good content and post it on their social media accounts with ease. You get notified when your contributors submit content. This makes content moderation effortless as ou can edit and share as soon as it is submitted. Content will only be shown under brands name one when you or one of the delegated editors approve it. It provides other features like analytics, text analysis and social sharing

quora 1


Quora is a tool that allows you to ask and answer questions about various topics. Unlike other similar platforms, Quora moderates the answers to make sure you get the best answers first. This lets you get the most relevant knowledge about your industry, while also being intune with the latest trends. You can also share your own content by answering other users’ questions and asking your own. Quora learns your preferences as you use it and curates high-quality reading material.



Scoop.it curates content for you based on your keywords. It lets you create a topic and based on the keywords in that topic, you get loads of suggestions. You can add suggested content to your topic and then edit and share it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also add content to your topics while browsing by using their bookmarklet. Scoop.it also has an active community that regualrly curates quality content.

Using these tools will increase your productivity while still posting quality content. Make sure to do your research and choose the best tool for you/your company. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to check your conversion rates to see if your content strategy is working.

Author Bio: Aditi is a blogger at Godot Media, a leading content writing services firm. She writes extensively on content marketing and social media marketing.