How to Create Engaging Content for your Social Media Platforms


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For those using social media platforms for their businesses creating engaging content on a regular basis can be quite a challenge. It is not easy to do day after day, but can certainly be made simpler with some planning and a regular analysis of your content marketing efforts. Here are some simple steps to follow to create engaging content for your social media platforms.

Don’t dumb it down too much.

Oversimplification can be a mistake that could cost you potential customers and fast. Always think of your customers and every visitor to your site as people who possess just as much knowledge, or perhaps even more than you do, and craft your content strategy around this fact. Analyze your social media platforms to see what content gets more and better responses, what generates discussion and what gets shared by others. Compare it with the content that produces minimal or a negligent amount of reaction and use the results as valuable insights to create more useful content for your visitors.


Pay attention to detail.

Little things count in life and the same is true for your social media platforms. If you are serious about building your brand’s reputation and engaging with people through your content, pay attention to the finer details. Make sure the content you create is free of grammatical errors. If you can’t develop your posts free of errors or if you can’t write well enough, hire someone who can write professionally. Also pay attention to the flow of the content. Make sure your posts do not meander from point A to point C without discussing point B.

Curate content.

One great way to create engaging content is to use content curation tools to find content that is relevant and specific to your business. This way you can share lots of engaging information with your visitors from the best resources on the web. For instance, DrumUp finds relevant stories for your audience from around the web for the keywords you input and allows you to share it through your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Another useful curation tool you could try is Diigo through which you can discover interesting content on the web and organize it using lists or tags. Meddle, is a tool that lets you create a small post around an interesting news piece and use images, excerpts and even the headline from the original post to be shared on your social media platforms.


Give your audience something more each time.

You are building a business and brand-building takes time and efforts. What you do today in terms of your marketing strategies connects with what you will do tomorrow and eventually, over a period of time, your brand identity will strengthen. Don’t always post promotional content on your social media platforms, but offer your visitors more value in terms of the information you provide, which will also make them want to visit your pages again.

For instance, if you are in the business of manufacturing organic cosmetic products, you can create content through which you provide your visitors some simple wellness tips. Ask your visitors to submit their questions and take time to answer them. You can also ask them what they want to know more about and make sure to provide that information. The idea is to create meaningful content that can prove useful for your visitors and something they will like to share on their pages as well.

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Jessica Davis follows the social media and content marketing space closely, and writes about it extensively. She represents Godot Media, a leading SEO writing and content marketing firm.