The Big Social Media Time Suck And How To Stop It

The following is a guest post.

Social media can suck up all your time, especially if you don’t plan ahead or follow the mistakes that many beginners make. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the following tips you could soon find social media working for your business and giving you the time for other – often more important – areas.

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You need to spend time on your business, not all on social media.

Not Joining All Your Social Media Accounts Together

You want a presence on all the different platforms, right? You want to be on Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg … the list goes on. However, being on all the platforms takes a lot of time away from your business. You need to learn the different accounts and then manage them. The first tip is to limit yourself to a few of the platforms, especially in the beginning. You can always use others in the future as you get used to them.

You should also use software to help manage them. There are different tools such as HootSuite and TweetDeck to manage all your accounts in one. You can see the screens for each one at the same time, answer questions and engage

Adding and Removing People from Your Follow List

You need to follow others if you want to grow your own follow base. However, it takes time to build up this following. You should add around 10 or 20 people per day and you need to stay on track of those who unfollow you! It’s a long process and you can see why it takes up so much time. There is software out there to help you.

Many people, especially on Twitter, now use TruTwit to validate their followers and make sure they’re real. If they are real, you can automatically choose to follow them back and send messages to them. This will also look out for if they stop following you so you stop following them automatically. Doing this is much easier than trying to stay on top of everyone, especially when you could have hundreds or thousands of followers!

Time for Feedback

Getting a balance between automating and manual posting is important.

Not Creating a Social Media Plan

You need to plan your social media. If you don’t plan ahead, you could find yourself spending every minute of the day on each of your accounts. Set a period of time every couple of hours or so to check in and see if people have left comments or asked questions. When they do, answer them back and then log off.

You can keep your accounts active by scheduling some of your posts. Schedule certain articles or blog posts to be shared to your followers; even those that are not your own. Schedule morning messages or those for special days of the year to show you’re human. However, you can’t schedule everything and planning to visit manually now and then to improve your daily reputation.

Social media doesn’t need to take up all your time. With some planning ahead and using software, you could find that it becomes an effective way to market your business. Avoid the mistakes beginners make and create something people want to follow.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, internet marketing and tips for improving daily reputation.

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