How to Work Efficiently with a Slow Internet Connection


The following is a guest post.

You might have one of the best broadband connections, but there would have been times when you had to work with a slower connection, for sharing files with your friends or sending an e-mail across. Here are few of the methods that you can use to work with a slower connection, with comparatively faster efficiency.

Compress your files to send faster:

A compressing utility is one of the tools that compresses and reduces the size of the files that have to be sent. This procedure of sending the files will take less time and also, less space in the mailbox.

To speed up browsing in IE, disable the graphics:

Graphics are huge and take too much time to download. When you need your computer to speed up instantly, you can turn off the graphics download. All you need to do is launch your browser and select the ‘Tools’ menu. From there, click on ‘Internet Options’ and then, click on ‘Advanced’ tab in the dialog box. Locate the ‘Multimedia’ section and uncheck the boxes of ‘Play videos in web pages’, ‘Play sounds in web pages’, ‘Play animations in web pages’ and ‘Show Pictures’. Next, click on the ‘Apply’ button.

slow-internet-connections_000013866761_1_370x278Create distribution list:

If you have to send your e-mail to multiple recipients, then create a distribution list and send it to the list. It will enable you to send the e-mail faster than sending it to every recipient individually.

Plain e-mail gestures are good enough:

How fast your e-mail is sent also depends upon the e-mail gestures you make use of in your mail. Many users have a habit of including huge images and texts in the digital signatures. For a fast track e-mail, do not keep the signature too fancy. Rather, keep it simple by adding good colors and different fonts.

Saving web pages is a great idea:

By saving web pages, you don’t need to worry about losing your internet connection. However, the work will be made easier this way: Once the web page is opened, click on the ‘File’ menu and choose the option ‘Save as’. From the ‘Save as type’ drop down menu, select ‘Web Page’ followed by selecting ‘Save’.

Having a slow internet connection is a headache that might occur frequently, but keeping the above tips in mind will definitely lessen the effect of this headache. You can carry out your work productively with a slower internet connection, too.

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