Content Curation: Tools to Establish a Daily Curation Strategy

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Content curation sites seem to have been growing like weeds throughout the past year. While you might feel like your efforts are spread a bit thin, there are some tools you can use to establish a daily content curation campaign that’s actually effective in bringing new visitors to your site.

Using content curation tools, you can also generate greater social media engagement with your followers and grab some new ones at the same time.

This list is by no means all of the tools out there that can be useful for content curation, but they’re some of the most effective you can find, and they’re a great jumping-off point.

Content Curation: How does it build value?

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1. was designed as a social platform, but it can actually be a lot more valuable than that for you. will allow you to search for authority articles based on certain keywords around the web. Based on your search, you can like or dislike articles. Based on your likes and dislikes, learns what type of content you prefer to see, streamlining the curation process. also offers a “Share” button that gives you a shortened URL that you can use to share content with different networks.


With, you start by creating a new topic, then entering a title, description and relevant keywords. Then, will spider a whole host of different sources for content related to your search.

If sounds like Google search, you should know that the two are completely different. goes way beyond a basic search; it works to scour all corners of the internet, gathering content from social sites like Twitter and YouTube, as well Google blogs and Google News. You can even narrow the scope of your search by date or by excluding certain domains and words.

Once you find content you like, you can select the “Scoop it” button and a new window that contains a brief description, an image and the article title will appear. Then, you can add your own text to make the content more your own.

After personalizing your content, you can share your scoop on social sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, quickly.

3. is a social aggregator, meaning it can help you connect all of your social profiles, allowing the tool to gather content from many different sources. You can even connect with your site’s RSS feed if you desire. then works to create a display that will likely remind you of Pinterest, as all of your social content will be laid out in front of you. From there, you can highlight images and navigate through your social stream with ease, allowing you to quickly gather items you want to share.

Another great feature of is that you can use their WordPress plugin or provided HTML code to share information.

If you use’s “Stick” bookmarklet, you can even share content in real-time to multiple social sites as you surf the web.

4. allows you to gather information from a variety of content sources to create your own newspaper using information you’ve put together. Best of all, does all of the discovery and sharing for you, so it doesn’t take much work.

After you’ve created your newspaper, you can share it on social sites and profiles, just like with RebelMouse. also allows you to select multiple articles and pieces of multimedia content to create a favorite collection you can share to social media channels with unique comments.

Start Curating Content Today

Curating content to attract attention to your site through social media can seem like a lot of work – if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way. Using these tools, you’ll breeze through the content curation process and you’ll have more time to work on your own content while still seeing excellent results.

What are your main objectives of content curation?

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