How to Print…From Your Game Console


The following is a guest post

We’ve come a long way from the use of the game boy printer, in both the gaming world and the printing industry. These days there is now talk of 3d printing of cases for console systems, when only a decade ago everyone was worried about how to get printing devices small enough for travel-printing.

Fortunately we’ve now moved forward into an age of wireless devices and connections which does make network connections possible and easier when it comes to even game consoles that don’t always have browser options. But what about the cases when handling older printers or just not possessing a wireless capability. Is there a way of hooking up to the internet with your game console? Or even the possibility of printing things straight from your game console? After all, most people aren’t even aware they can print directly from things like their Playstation 3’s hard drive.

Printing with the Playstation

The PS3 has one of the simplest methods of being able to connect to a printer as it was built to be a multimedia device with more than just playing games in mind. This means not only can it be connected through a wireless network but you can even connect it through USB cables (A surprisingly unique feature among recent generation game consoles). You just need to make sure your printer is a compatible version with Sony’s software. Once the two are hooked up or on the same network, you’ll need to go into your printer settings and follow the easy instructions for setting your playstation up for printing.

Once you’ve finished all of that, you are ready to print anything from your PS3 it just requires finding what you want to print and pressing the triangle button when you get to it then selecting print. And that’s all it takes.

Printing with the Xbox

Unfortunately, the Xbox was not designed to be able to hook up with the USB cable for most printers, only a few can function which seem to mostly all be HPs. However, you can hook up the Xbox to a wireless printer through connecting your Xbox to the network and then connecting the printer to the network. Once you have the two on the same network, you will need to pick up the printer’s driver from whatever company website your printer is and install it on your Xbox. When you have completed all that, you should be able to easily connect with the printer.

Printing with the Wii

Game_Boy_PrinterThe Wii happens to be the only system which was not designed at all for purposes of printing. This is surprising, considering the internet memes out there about Nintendo printing money with their handheld consoles. If you would like to print things from your Wii, then you’ll have to resort to the use of an SD card or a capture card which will capture anything much like a video recorder. Or you can always just take a picture of your Wii screens if you really want. Otherwise there are not really any other options. Apparently Nintendo still hasn’t decided to make a Wii Printer to go with their game boy printer.

Also if you do not have a router that lets you connect wirelessly, you can always hook up your console to your computer so that it can access the printing and internet features (a strategy Microsoft has employed with their Xbox Live features).

Finally, as with any guide, if you have any issues with trying to connect your printer to your game console, you should consult the company who made it, as they will be the best suitable option to getting your answers taken care of. Unless of course it is an issue on the printer’s end, then you probably just ran out of ink toner.

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