BlackBerry 10: Late, But Confident

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Blackberry (the company formerly named RIM) demoed the BlackBerry 10 at the CES 2013 to get the critics roused and the fans excited. Of the six devices they are to launch this year, two of them were unveiled exclusively. Despite the fact that the OS has been delayed and is already under a lot of fire for not being able to pull its own around smartphone heavyweights such as Android and iOS lately, the folks over at Blackberry seem to be packing on the confidence.The series was supposed to hit the shelves by the end of 2011 but faced delay after delay. According to most critics, BlackBerry is the quintessential make it or break it product. At the moment it is apparent that BlackBerry is desperate to get its share in the US marketplace back, and hence it is flouting the fact that three major cell phone carriers in the US will be catering to BlackBerry 10 OS users. Even despite these positive signs it seems that its going to be a tough battle since other platforms have been working year round to up themselves as well.

When comparing the BlackBerry to other platform run devices, it comes out more humble, more modest. But in an ever advancing tech age, humble and modest is not the statement users are looking to make anymore. Keeping all of this in mind, it seems that BlackBerry is playing out its cards with a lot of thought despite what it may appear. Instead of putting in all their chips and vying for the number one spot, BlackBerry seems to be concentrating on surviving at the moment. After all, one lives to fight another day.

 BlackBerry HubWhat They Have to Offer

But will BlackBerry really live day to day with the release of this phone? Insider sneak peeks at the phone are reporting that the set appears to be thin, comes without a home button, and sports both front and back cameras. The phone has HD video with a screen resolution that outdoes the iPhone, and an improved browser.

Of course the most talked about is the BlackBerry Hub. This is something reminiscent of BBM (though hopefully without something like BBM spy apps to deal with) as it is a centralized service offered to all BlackBerry subscribers. This is where users can get all thei emails, notifications and social media apps in one place. This feature can be accessed no matter what the user is doing as it is present on the left side of the screen image. This means that users need not stop what they are doing to get to the Hub, dubbed a part of the BlackBerry Flow.

Some other things to look forward to on the phone are the incorporation of dual profiles into the same phone. Now users can make sure that their personal and work lives are catered to by their device but are always kept separate. Basically users can turn on personal mode when free and work mode when at their offices or workplaces. An example is that if a user is not allowed to use Facebook while at work, under the phone’s work mode, the Facebook app will not be facilitated. Is this enough to keep BlackBerry afloat? Their confidence says yes, but only time will truly tell.

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