The Final Geeks of Doom Round Up (Preview)

The Final Geeks of Doom Round Up

The Geeks Of Doom Round Up concludes with our final episode. We took a look back at The Round Up from its very inception, and have a quick glance back at 2012. Andy gives us a rundown of what’s happening on The Drill Down, while Greg says farewell to the Social Blend podcast and gives us a preview of what to expect on the upcoming Blendover podcast.

Later in the show, we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly relating to issue #700 of The Amazing Spider-man, with some opposing views and opinions. We also RESOLVE the mystery of the Indiana Jones journal that was sent to University of Chicago, and covered by TheMovieGod right here at Geeks Of Doom.

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Geeks Of Doom contributors Andy Sorcini aka Mr. Baby Man from The Drill Down and Greg Davies aka cGt2099 from Blendover and TARDISblend join forces for The Round Up – a short mini podcast focusing on some entertainment news, what’s happening at Geeks Of Doom, and a preview of what’s coming up in Social Blend and The Drill Down.