The Geeks of Doom Round Up 22: Now You See Me and Fiona Apple (preview)

The Geeks of Doom Round Up

This week, Greg gives us the run-down of the upcoming movie, Now You See Me, starring Jesse Eisenberg, and directed by Louis Letterier. Later, Andy brings on some touching music from Fiona Apple called “Paper Bag“.

Later in the show, we follow up on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy – with the news that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have been brought on board for scriptwriting and production duties.

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Geeks Of Doom contributors Andy Sorcini aka Mr. Baby Man from The Drill Down and Greg Davies aka cGt2099 from Social Blend, Disquisition and TARDISblend join forces for The Round Up – a short mini podcast focusing on some entertainment news, what’s happening at Geeks Of Doom, and a preview of what’s coming up in Social Blend and The Drill Down.