The Drill Down 216 – Year in Review 2011

As we close out the final days of 2011, Andy, Devindra, and Techmeme’s Lidija Davis are joined by Startup Digest’s Christopher Burnor and VentureBeat’s Sean Ludwig to review the top tech stories of the past year. After the break, we offer our tech predictions for 2012.

Best Tech Events of 2011

  • Andy
    • Passing of Steve Jobs
    • Netflix/Qwikster
    • AT&T/T-Mobile saga
    • Social media’s role in social protest
    • Launch of Google+
  • Devindra
    • Nokia dumps Symbian for Windows Phone
    • Steve Jobs (maybe we should just talk about all of this in Andy’s)
    • Rise of Ultrabooks
    • HP drops the ball with Palm and webOS
    • RIM continues to stumble
  • Lidija
    • Steve Jobs
    • Louis CK $5 downloads
    • Facebook FTC settlement
    • Tech blogger wars (maybe)
    • Role of the internet in social change
  • Chris
    • SOPA and what it means for the future of law and technology
    • Steve Jobs
    • Social Protest
    • Pruning the fold in the tablet space (Meego, WebOS, Dell)
    • Death of DailyDeals & Social
  • Sean
    • RIP Steve Jobs
    • The Patent Wars
    • PlayStation Network hacked / down
    • Anonymous / AntiSec / LulzSec / Year of the hackers
    • iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 rumors

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Musical Interlude: My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) by Regina Spektor

Tech Predictions for 2012

  • Andy
    • Consolidation of carriers (Either T-Mobile or Sprint will be merged into AT&T or Verizon)
    • Google will roll out a national ultra high-speed network
    • Google will get into the carrier market
    • iPad 3 will beat out all previous iPad sales records
  • Devindra
    • Ultrabooks will become the new laptop standard
    • Microsoft acquires Spotify
    • Windows Phone surprises everyone
  • Chris
    • AppleTV becomes a real product
    • Facebook’s stock becomes the stock to own
    • Payment processing becomes the next big thing in startups
    • Windows 8 makes or breaks M$
  • Sean
    • T-Mobile gets the iPhone, makes a big comeback
    • RIM and Netflix get acquired
    • Cloud computing finally goes mainstream