The Drill Down 206 – Does that come in white?

This week we discuss Apple’s lackluster Q4 report, the passing of Dennis Ritchie (the father of Unix & C), Groupon & Living Social caught inflating regular prices to make deals look better, Reddit comments lead to movie deal, an upcoming Google music store, Skype founders launch Vdio, Lytro announces its new light field camera.

Later we discuss Google’s 4.0 iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Android vs iOS 5, and Amit Gupta’s request for bone marrow donors.

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3 thoughts on “The Drill Down 206 – Does that come in white?

  1. T.D.D.,

    I have to speak to something I have been contending with for quite some time as a Drill Down listener.  Until now, I believe in the interest of all things greater, I was able to shuck my feelings, but no longer.

    The iOS vs Android crap has reached a low.  No longer do I believe T.D.D. “opinions” can be viewed as fair or honest reporting.  Even your most recent review of Ice Cream Android 4.0 became yet another occurrence of iOS is better than Android.  Even before the review, I could hear Devindra wincing and exaggerating his voice in the background, already tainting what should be a fair and honest review.

    Not only are the iOS and Android debates/reviews suspect, they’re downright dishonest and biased.  I would have chalked what seemed like lack of experience with the Android OS up to just that, lack of experience, but Devindra proclaimed much experience with the devices and software.  So, you placed yourselves in the corner of dishonest and biased reviewing.

    I am, without a doubt, an Android fanboy.  I dislike iOS due to Apple ideology and a straight up allergic reaction to the hardware/software platform.  This is based on personal and professional experience.  I support, unfortunately, iOS devices in the environment of the “World’s Largest Credit Union.”  My experience with iOS is that of a user and administrator.  My experience with Android is that of a user and hacker.  I do believe Android crushes Apple iOS in almost ALL categories.  I can tell you this, my Droid X is faster and more stable than ANY iPhone 4 I have battled against.

    This delivers me to my biggest gripe with the podcast on this matter…  So often are known iOS issues overlooked, downplayed or flat out not mentioned.  For a listener not-in-the-know, that person could draw the assumption that only the Android OS crash.  I can tell you, from my experience, that is not only not true, but I find the Apple systems crash as much, if not more.

    If I was an iOS fan listening to your podcast, I would feel offended, because it can be surmised from your comments, that perhaps only idiots can manipulate an iOS device and Android is just too complicated, only used by hackers and geeks.  Are you serious?  Then I will stick with my theory that iOS is only used by lemmings, 13 year old girls and granola eating tree huggers.

    This could go on and on, but I do feel it would be pointless.  I have been listening to your show for around two years and I will not be doing so anymore.  I feel your “opinions” and motivations are becoming rather transparent.  To be to the point, even if you guys are just straight up idiots when it comes to the Android systems, than shame on you for poor reporting.  However, I think I know you guys better than that.  And shame on you for the alternative.  I no longer trust your podcast on any level.


  2. I’m sorry that you feel our coverage is less than balanced. For my part I apologize (as I explained during the show) that I lack the personal experience in using the Android OS, so I felt ill-equipped to speak about it.

  3. Does “fair and balanced” mean we can’t lodge any criticisms against Android? Sorry, but we’ve discussed plenty about how the iOS ecosystem is screwed up. In fact, in this very episode, I discussed how I feel iOS is becoming stale compared to Android and Windows Phone.

    And believe what you will about your Droid X. In my experience it’s a fine machine with a great screen, but thanks to Android’s wonkiness it’s nowhere near as stable as the iPhone 4. 

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