The Drill Down 205 – Endings, Initiations, and Reversals

This week we discuss the end of Diggnation, the death of the Zune,  a viral attack on US drone fleet computers, Facebook releases an iPad app, Adobe reveals incredible new unblur technology, Sony’s Playstation Network is hacked (yet again), and Sprint strikes  a $20B iPhone deal with Apple.

Later we discuss the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S, in-depth (including the launch of iOS 5), and the impact of main streaming in the content ecosphere, including Netflix changes its mind (again), Gen Y’s screen size viewing trends, and Live TV comes to the XBox.

What We’re Experiencing

  • Andy: iWoz by Steve Wozniak, Deus Ex: Human Revolution,
  • Dwayne: Excitement about iPhones and iOS 5 and iTunes match and iTunes Movie Trailers and Find a Friend and everything ‘i’ right now!
  • Devindra: Game of Thrones!


Audible Book of the Week

Musical Interlude #1

Hot Topic

Musical Interlude #2

“Main Streaming” – The impact network delivered content is REAL