Will Apple’s New Pulse Improve Its Customer Service?

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Apple has always prided themselves in being interested in customers’ opinions of their products and in valuing the feedback they get. Although Apple has several feedback programs which they also run, the new service, Pulse will be a lot more extensive and run by Socratic Technologies, a San Francisco based marketing company.

What’s New?

The usual branding company Apple uses, MarkMonitor apparently registered the new Pulse service in January 2011 with the marketing service. It may not seem like major news, but the new Pulse service promises to have materials and subject to share which will be invaluable to their customers. Existing customers have already received invitations to join the new service, which allows for Apple customers to receive 2 surveys a month in providing feedback on their Apple products and services. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and will be confidential.

Customers who have received email surveys from the market research department of Apple, have upon completion received an invitation from Apple to join the new community called Apple Customer Pulse. It is a new web site they registered and will serve as an Apple community where users can discuss their purchases from Apple, and their experiences with their products. Ideas and conversations with other Apple users as well as thoughts on products can be shared with other members as well as with Apple itself.

Will it beneficial to Apple or its Users?

The whole concept sounds interesting and potentially very useful to many customers. It will be great for newcomers to Apple products to see what others have to say instead of browsing the entire web and wondering what is true. That is, if others will be allowed to join in on the Pulse service, as currently it is only for Apple customers, or so they say. Another factor to wonder about is if Apple will actually respond to their customers. Looking back at Apple’s history, it is probable that they will indeed listen to customers and their feelings about Apple products.

Apple will be able to start analyzing customers and their thoughts on products. If there is room for improvement or changes, one can nearly be sure Apple will respond. Gaining insight from customers and their feelings towards products are invaluable. Apple may make improvements to some of their products, which may be great, but many times an upgrade is not necessarily better for consumers. Basically this new Pulse service will be beneficial both to customers of Apple products and Apple itself.

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