The Drill Down 150 – Le Digg est mort, vive le Digg!

Chris 'Crispy' Lloyd of Dragon*Con TV

Chris 'Crispy' Lloyd of Dragon*Con TV

This week, The Drill Down Crew welcome Dragon*Con TV‘s Chris ‘Crispy’ Lloyd, who talks about his upcoming involvement in Dragon*Con, and shares with us his latest video, Vaderex. Later we discuss Leo Laporte’s cautionary disenchantment with social media, accusations of rape leveled against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Intel’s recent purchase of McAfee, reactions to the new Digg version 4, Portal 2’s release date (and cast!), and the most inspired viral marketing stunt since Old Spice on YouTube.

Discussion of Digg v4 on audio begins at appx 38 min.


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Digg V4 discussion video highlights:

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