The Round Up 83 – Sad Keanu and RED

The Round Up

Andy Sorcini aka Mr. Baby Man from The Drill Down and Greg Davies aka cGt2099 from Social Blend join forces for The Round Up – a short mini podcast focusing on some entertainment news, with a preview of what’s coming up in Social Blend and The Drill Down.

On the 83rd edition of The Round Up, Greg discusses the Sad Keanu meme that spawned a song called Hey There Keanu by Azured and SenorZorro2000.  Andy then takes a look at the preview for RED, the 2010 movie based on the comic series, starring Bruce Willis and directed by Robert Schwentke.

Show Links:

Hey There Keanu by Azured and SenorZorro2000

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Know Your Meme: Sad Keanu

Encyclopedia Dramatica: Cheer Up Keanu Day

Sad Keanu Makes Actor Unhappy, but Why?

Sad Keanu meme gets a charitable URL shortner: KEA.NU

RED – Official Trailer

RED – Official Site