The Drill Down 134 – Live from ROFLCon 2010

Artwork by Dan Lacey for ROFLCon 2010

This week Muhammad Saleem and Andrew Sorcini are joined by ‘Bacon QueenAmy Vernon as they report live from ROFLCon 2010, the premier celebration of Internet pop culture. We interview Christina Xu and Tim Hwang, the ROFLCon founders; Brad O’Farrell, the creator of  ‘Play him off, Keyboard Cat‘; Ben Huh, founder of the Cheezeburger Network (home to I Can Has Cheezburger?); and m00t, the enigmatic founder of

Interviews were recorded under less than ideal sound conditions in live environments and we apologize for the sound quality.

Here’s an interview with Mahir Cagri, perhaps one of the internet’s first memetic celebrities. Famous for his catchphrase, “I kiss you!”, and arguably the basis for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character, the ebullient Turk was gracious enough to sit for a few questions.

We also spoke with Pete Hottelet, founder of Omni Consumer Products, whose mission is to ‘defictionalize’ fictional products from motion pictures and TV shows such as ‘Idiocracy’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Anchorman’, and ‘Ghostbusters’.

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