The Drill Down show 122 – SMBC and iPad

I searched for a single panel comic that encapsulated Zach and his attitude towards SMBC, but in the long run, this votey really summed it up.

This week The Drill Down team is pleased to welcome the creator of the massively successful webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Zach Weiner. We ask him about SMBC’s origins, his influences, the creative process behind the strip, and how comedy can inform and inspire social commentary. We also discuss his latest sketch comedy venture, SMBC Theater.

Later,  Zach joins us as we discuss Apple’s latest tablet lifestyle device, the iPad, its pros, its cons and its missed potential. We also talk about VOIP over 3G for the iPhone, cyberbullies, how pirates are the music industry’s best customers, Avatar’s new world record, and Google Xistence™.

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