The Drill Down 107 – Mich De Nied

This week, we speak with new media specialist Mich De L’Orme as he discusses his perspective on the new changes at Jason Urgo of the Social Blade podcast joins as well. Later we discuss Google Wave, NASA’s LCROSS mission, The Pirate Bay’s move to a nuclear bunker, the AP’s proposed new business model, and Twitter’s secret talks with Microsoft and Google.

Show links

Banned on Digg for no Reason and Stonewalled for Asking Why
Digg removes user icons from story submissions
Kevin Rose confirms Digg iPhone app
NASA’s Big Hit: LCROSS Impacts Moon
Hands on with Google Wave
Which is easier to understand: Google Wave or…?
The Pirate Bay Relocates to a Nuclear Bunker
AT&T Opens Network To VoIP iPhone Apps
The Associated Press: AP might charge some customers to get news earlier
FTC to Bloggers: Disclose Freebies or Face $11,000 Fine
Microsoft, Google in Talks With Twitter to Integrate Tweet Feeds
StumbleUpon Recasts Itself As A Social Search Engine “Between Google And Twitter.”