The Drill Down 104 – Anonymous vs. Australia vs. Inquisitr

This week, we welcome two guests to the show: Duncan Riley from tech news site The Inquisitr joins us from his headquarters in Australia, and internet contributor Louie Baur joins us live from The Drill Down studios. We discuss Anonymous’ recent DDOS attack against the Australian government and how The Inquisitr got caught in the crossfire, Apple’s new iTunes 9 and iPod nanos, trapped girls who update their Facebook rather than call emergency services, and fifty things killed by the internet.

Show notes

‘Anonymous’ Declares War on Australia Over Internet Filtering
How News Corp slandered this site
Apple rocks with iTunes 9, iTunes Store improvements
Apple disses touch, adds video to nano, color to shuffle
With iTunes 9, Apple Brings Back A Classic: The Slow iPhone Sync
The swirl that shook gaming: the Sega Dreamcast turns 10
Pirated Artist Orders Police Raid on Sony Music Office
Trapped girls call for help on Facebook
Microshit Trains BestBuy Employees to Boo Linux to Customers
50 things that are being killed by the internet

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