The Drill Down 089 – Twitter (and other) Rock Stars


BING! The Drill Down gang drill down into Microsoft’s new search/reccomendation engine, Mozilla’s development engine and Google’s upcoming threaded collaboration software. We discuss 4Chan’s griefing of YouTube, CBS handing data to the RIAA and Digg ditching shouts forever. Later we play an exclusive premiere of singer Carina K‘s new ode to Twitter.

Show Notes
YouTube Yanks Thousands of Porn Videos
Hulu Comes to the Desktop
Mona Lisa in a 140 Character tweet
Deny This, CBS hands user data to RIAA
Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology
Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: shouts have left the building
Will Digg Be a Better Place Without Shouts?
Zune HD is official, heading your way this Fall
Mozilla’s Jetpack Builds on Firefox’s Top Strength
Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For A New Web
Hands On With Microsoft’s New Search Engine: Bing, But No Boom
The official webpage for Carina K
Twitter Rock Stars (The Twitter Song)

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