Tonight On The Drill Down

Although you can see which stories we’ll be talking about on our Delicious page, we thought we’d make it easier for you to access them here on our site.  It also lets us list them in the order that we hope to cover them.

Twitter Mania: Google Got Shut Down. Apple Rumors Heat Up. (via Techcrunch).  On a similar note, IGN Entertainment asks Could Apple buy EA, Twitter?

FTC looks at Google-Apple board ties (via Reuters)

Duke Nukem Developer 3D Realms Shuts Down (via Shacknews)

MPAA suggests teachers videotape TVs instead of ripping DVDs. Seriously. (via Engadget)

Facebook Connect Launches on Digg (via Digg blog)

X-Rayed game consoles (Flickr image)

Hacker Demands $10M for Your Prescriptions (via NewsFactor)