The Drill Down 086 – Beans of Death


This week the team discusses the media misinformation surrounding the swine flu, Disney’s 30% stake in Hulu, (another) Twitter hack, TIME’s World’s Most Influential person, a Jeopardy-playing supercomputer, putting 100 DVDs on a single disc, and the nastiest jellybeans ever.

Show notes

Swine flu: Twitter’s power to misinform
Disney buys 30% stake in Hulu
Hacker: I Broke Into Twitter
The World’s Most Influential Person Is…
Computer Program to Take On ‘Jeopardy!’
G.E.’s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc
In Major Shift, Apple Builds Its Own Team to Design Chips
WTF – Someone at Microsofts is on LSD?
AZO’s point of view (real life Mirror’s Edge)

  • Ashraf

    Hi There,

    I was listening to your podcast of 4th May 2009. I thought I would like to bring up a point about the Storage devices. On the podcast Reg was discussing with Muhammad about RAID hard drives and backup storage. I strongly agree with Reg about this that proper backup for Hard Drives is absolutely necessary in any organisation.
    I personally had 3 hard drives crash in 5 years and I have used all the available brands of HDDs in the market. They all crash sometime or the other and you have to have some sort of data recovery done.
    So, Muhammad your argument is not right that HDDs never crash, and if you look into the inner mechanisms of HDD you can understand.
    The optical disks and SSDs can be said to be safest medium of data storage.