The Drill Down 084 – Generation Rx

Generation Rx

This week we welcome filmmaker Kevin P. Miller to discuss his documentary Generation Rx, a powerful documentary that questions whether we have forced millions of children onto pharmaceutical drugs for commercial rather than scientific reasons. Later we discuss the sentencing of the Pirate Bay Four to a year in prison, Time Warner’s proposed download caps, a worm on Twitter, and (yet) another Diggbar update.

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Show Notes

The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty
The price-gouging premiums of Time Warner Cable’s data cap
Congressman Wants to Ban Download Caps
They’re gone! After outcry, Time Warner uncaps the tubes!
Alert: StalkDaily Worm Runs Rampant on Twitter
How StalkDaily Opened a Gaping Hole in Twitter
(Yet) Another DiggBar Update
StumbleUpon Returns to Original Owners
EBay To Spin Off Skype By First Half Of 2010
The Future of Firefox: No Tabs, Built-In Ubiquity
Zune HD Details Emerge

  • About the TPB issue. Reg.. you don’t have to donate a tousand dollars. If the members would pay a dollar each it would cover the expenses for the whole trial. Given your power on Digg you should really try to raise some money through a campaign website.

    One of my friends actually used Google open API today to create a Torrent tracker working exactly like TPB… I can just imagine what the lawsuit towards Google would look like…

    And finally… that british woman… really annoying… :P


  • Ashraf

    Hey Jesper,

    Lydia is not British, She is an Aussie. What is it that is annoying about her.