Why SyFy? An interview with Craig Engler, SVP SyFy Digital

Welcome to The Drill Down interview series: discussions with movers and shakers in tech, social media, and the web on the issues that drive our online culture.


In this episode we speak with Craig Engler, Senior Vice President of (the soon to be rebranded) SyFy Digital, the division responsible for the cable network’s online and mobile presence. We’ll be discussing the reasons behind the name change (from SciFi to SyFy), what that change means for the network and the website, upcoming programming on the network, and life after Battlestar Galactica.

Apologies in advance for the poor quality of Mr. Engler’s audio. I have cleaned it up as best as possible.

  • sailhounds2

    I don’t need to hear anymore. Had to shut it off. It sounds like Engler phoned in this interview from a restroom stool on a really cheap cell phone. I’ve always liked SciFi. Most viewers are way more techno savvy than me. SyFy is another example of dumbing down our culture. How does the SVP of a network respond to any interview in this way and expect to be taken seriously? Bad PR

  • Hm, it sounded fine on my end when we recorded it via Skype, which is how Andrew requested we conduct the interview. I didn’t know it sounded like this until it was posted. We can always redo it I suppose.

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  • Alfy101

    uh hmm is there a written version of this? I'd hate to have to transcribe this all

  • Alfy101

    uh hmm is there a written version of this? I'd hate to have to transcribe this all

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  • The real question is why all the trashy reality shows and more wrestling in place of what used to be science fiction. Why is there such a tremendous effort in place to silence science fiction fans instead of dealing with them?