Interview with Twitter StalkDaily Virus Author Mikeey

Welcome to The Drill Down interview series: the first in a series of discussions with movers and shakers in tech, social media, and the web on the issues that drive our online culture.

Reg Saddler and I just got off the phone with a person claiming to be Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney, the author of the ‘StalkDaily’ virus that has been plaguing Twitter over the last week.

While I can’t verify for certain that the person I spoke with was in fact Mr. Mooney, I obtained his contact info from highly reliable sources. Having said that, take it for what it is, either an insight into the mind of a modern virus author, or an interesting bit of fiction. Enjoy either way!

18 thoughts on “Interview with Twitter StalkDaily Virus Author Mikeey

  1. Thanks for doing this interview. It’s pretty interesting. 😀 I agree that Mikeyy isn’t really a malicious type – he just wanted some attention for exposing a serious flaw.

    Better that he did it and it’s now fixed than that some evil nasty type unleashed a really dangerous virus.

  2. Mikeyy may avoid jail and find all the money he has ever dreamt of too if a savvy Social Media site or mobile app co grabs his talent with a too much $$$ to say no to contract!

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  4. For those who want to know how I found Mikeyy, he tweeted it once during his millions of messages late one night. I did try to call, but it appeared he had hung up, and it was busy after that. I then gave it to Reg…and well you know the rest *hugs*

  5. This was a very interesting interview. I have to say I not only like Mikeyy, I respect him. I do not see anything wrong with what he did, although others may look at it in a different light. A good way for him to demon straight his good intentions might be to do something good which can only be thought of as good. It would be great positive PR for him and would be a great deffence if anyone was ever to drag i=him into court. I believe that He should be proactive and play offense rather than defense.

    Mikeyy said wanted to help and gain recognition. I have a way for him to gain not only recognition but also help. I am the Founding Director of a grassroots organization by the name of Helden Galerie which in English means Heroes Gallery. Our mission of helping charities, non-profits and NGO’s with fund raising. If Mickeyy has design and programing skills I would like to speak to him about help on a website. Please feel free to contact me either through the Helden Galerie twitter page or the email I registered when leaving this post.

    I hope you put me in touch with Mikeyy he could help in more way than he is aware of.

    Peace thru Creativity,

    Christopher St. John
    Founding Director, Helden Galerie
    The Art of Compassion.

  6. Thanks for the fun and interresting interview.
    If you guys do a follow up (you have the guy’s cell-# now!) I like to hear Mikeyy talk more about how he did find the vuln settings field (or whatever he did) and if he from the beginning were aiming at twitter.

    And btw. It’s my first time on the site, and I can only say I am thrilled to find out MrBabyMan is actually a person and not just someones digg-super-posting-bot :p


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  11. Whats wrong with all ya peops? … out of boredom … attention… ??? I would say get him a toothbrush for that he can clean dumpsters for next 20 years or so…

  12. That is definitely, Mikeyy I know him personally. That is definitely his voice 100%…

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