The Drill Down 080 – Social Media Stu

This week we welcome Social Media Marketer Stuart C. Foster, formerly known as digg user(s) Spielbergo and BCCStu as he discusses his recent banning from We also discuss whether you should follow back all your Twitter followers or not, Kevin Rose’s new venture WeFollow, Facebook’s facelift, iPhone OS 3.0, a student project to photograph the Earth from 30,000 ft. up, and What’s in the Box?

Show Notes
Why you should follow everyone who follows you on Twitter
WeFollow: A Top Twitters List
Twitter Unveils New Premium Accounts
Mixed reactions as Facebook changes its look again
Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don’t Like Redesign
iPhone 3.0 OS Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Jon Stewart exposes Apple stock manipulation
HyperPin Pinball Frontend

Scenes from 30,000 meters above
Boxee vs. Hulu – No TV on Your TV
SCI FI Channel to become Syfy; “Imagine Greater” is new message
What’s in the Box?