What were the best tech stories of 2008?

The very last episode of The Drill Down for 2008 is one we reserve for discussing the top tech/web/science/geek culture stories of the year. But the Drill Down crew needs your help. In the comments below, post your choices for the best stories of the year, and we’ll reminisce over them live on the show. Please leave links where possible.

  • My call is the Yahoo/Microsoft stuff

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  • Kind of a tech story, I would say the (jerk not honorable enough to really be called a Marine) throwing a Puppy off a cliff video that circled the web and enraged a nation, would be my call.

  • Apple had a pretty big year with the iPhone 3G and more recently, the new MacBook Pro.

    The real live/ live rick roll was also pretty epic.

  • yoda

    i think the G1 is pretty big, although it’s looking like Android will be more of a ’09 story all in all, which is kinda disappointing.

    i think Obama’s wide use of the Internet is probably the biggest, esp. since he won, but that’s not really one story per se. there is a good chance, however, he wouldn’t have won without it.

    i dunno..is the list finished?

    may the force be with you, yoda

  • Jason Lankow

    I’m thinking that the mind reading technology should definitely be covered, but then…I guess you already knew that I was thinking that

  • This is for me the best technically story 2008 on Digg “The cake is a lie: IE team bakes a treat for Mozilla” http://digg.com/software/The_cake_is_a_lie_IE_team_bakes_a_treat_for_Mozilla

    A big cake from Microsoft for Mozilla and for me as Digger, because of it was my 100th front page and the story with the most diggs I ever had.

    It is more personally than technical!

    There are so many great technical stories on Digg that it is hard to say this is the best one.

  • (In no particular order)
    – Microsoft & Yahoo tail chasing
    – Iphone 3G and proliferation of Android
    – Obama 2.0 – Tech savvy/social media campaign
    – Introduction of Apple vs. Vista ads
    – Dan Kaminsky DNS hack expose
    – Release of Youtube ads and dev of video market
    – Use of botnet attack in conjunction with ground warfare Estonia
    – Walmart to sell iPhones
    – HDDVD exits stage

    ;-) Jonathan Nafarrete