The Drill Down LIVE from Comic-Con 2008: Day 2

Another day down at Comic-Con! Phew! Panels were frakkin’ tough to get into today, I imagine since this was the weekend and attendance was at about 200% capacity from yesterday. An early start afforded me entrĂ©e into Hall H (as in Hell) for the first three panels, although when I got into line, it had already snaked around the convention center about 4000 people deep! The panels I attended were:

  • Heroes, Season 3: Villains: The highlight of this panel was the premiere of the entire first episode of the season, which featured these juicy spoilers, which I have cleverly hidden in white text. Highlight the post to uncover them:
    • Nathan Petrelli’s assassin from last season turns out to be Peter Petrelli from the future, although it’s later learned he may only be using Peter Petrelli’s body.
    • Sylar ambushes Claire at her home, carves open her skull, fingers her brain, and steals her power. As he begins to leave Claire splayed out on the table, she asks “Aren’t you going to kill me?”, to which he responds, “I couldn’t kill you even if I wanted to, you’re indestructable, and so am I now.”
    • Hiro receives a DVD will from his father telling him about a terrible secret hidden in his safe that must not be opened, as the fate of the world depends on it. Hiro, of course, opens the safe which contains half of a chemical formula. The moment he takes it from the safe, however, it’s ripped from him by a new hero, a blonde girl with Flash-like super speed. When Hiro stops time to catch her, she is merely slowed down to normal speed by his power, revealing that he can’t actually stop time completely. She decks him and runs off with the formula
    • Using a sample of Maya’s adrenaline, Mohinder discovers a serum that will actually give anyone who’s injected with it super powers. He injects himself, which gives him super strength.
  • LOST – LOST executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answered questions from the audience before bringing on Matthew Fox. Then they showed a clip from the viral Dharma Initiative campaign featuring everybody’s favorite harried scientist, Dr. Marvin Candle, who issued an eerie premonition from the past, and urged us to “reconstitute the Dharma Initiative”.
  • Terminator:Salvation – Director McG showed a montage of new clips from the film which left me rather unimpressed. Unfortunately all the shots of post apocalyptic grunge in the New Mexican desert just felt like what it was, an attempt to make a Terminator movie on a (relatively) low budget. Hopefully the clips get better as the production carries on.

I also reported live via Ustream several times during the day, but was hampered by the piss-poor “broadband” wi-fi in the hall. I apologize for some reports that are truncated early or in multiple parts. Enjoy!
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