The Drill Down 029 – Interview With Jason Nazar

Andy, Reg & Mu talk to Jason Nazar, CEO of, an online document viewing and storage site. In the news, we cover an enticing new Apple patent, Muslims vs. Wikipedia, the banning of, Pirate Bay’s disappearance from Yahoo search, Portal 2, a leaked RIAA training video, and Music from Windows sounds.

Show Notes

Mega Apple filing details next-gen ‘multi-touch input surface’
Wikipedia defies 180,000 demands to remove images of the Prophet
US Court order shuts down
Yahoo! Filters Pirate Bay From Search Results
The Pirate Bay Returns to Yahoo!
500 million Firefox downloads
Portal 2 Confirmed by Valve
Leaked RIAA Training Video: Find Pirates, Find Crack-Dealing Terrorist Murderers Too!
Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!

The Document of the week
The Golden Age of Batman 1936-1956

  • Great peach with Jason Nazar

  • Well this was entertaining in a weird sort of way.

    The way social networking works for me is that I add people to friends with whose comments I agree/which strike a chord.

    If they like me too then they add me also – and so we have a community.

    Since most people have the “Allow only friends to send you shouts” this works surprisingly well…